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Meeting Papers

Downloadable documents:

Title:Participation group
Description:Participation Working Group page
File:Remit and Membership [PDF, 265.3 kb: 26 Feb 2015]
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File:Agenda - Meeting 1 [PDF, 195.7 kb: 26 Feb 2015]
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File:Minutes - Meeting 1 [PDF, 294.1 kb: 26 Feb 2015]
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File:Agenda - Meeting 2 [PDF, 91.0 kb: 26 Feb 2015]
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File:Minute - Meeting 2 [PDF, 284.2 kb: 06 Mar 2015]
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Particpation Group

Chair: National Trust for Scotland

The Historic Environment Strategy (Our Place in Time) challenges the sector “to explore scope for more joining up; enhancing volunteering activity and broadening access across the social spectrum”.

Participation is a complex area touching on various areas of government, community and individual interest.  The Participation Group is likely to overlap with other Working Groups under the Strategy and should reach out to new, untapped communities of interest.  The challenge for the Group will be striking a balance between opening up new possibilities while keeping focus on manageable activity & measurable outcomes.

A starting point is likely to be front-line activity in Education, Lifelong Learning & Employment Skills Training.  The Learning Brief extends naturally into the broadening of access to and understanding of what “our heritage” means to different audiences so they will appreciate it and be motivated to engage and help to sustain it.  Volunteering activity in different forms is key here, not only as a life enhancing & community building activity but increasingly as a financial imperative for the sector.