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Education (Foghlam)

Gaelic version (Duilleagan Gàidhlig)

The Scottish Government supports Gaelic Medium Education (GME) through a number of policies and funding streams. Currently GME is available in 21 local authorities. This provision varies from early years up to and including secondary education.

All local authorities are eligible to bid into the Gaelic Education Specific Grant to help support Gaelic provision in their area.

There has been good progress made with the Glasgow Gaelic school and the Inverness Gaelic school. Dedicated Gaelic schools are both beneficial and desirable. The Scottish Government is directing considerable support towards Gaelic education and we are increasing this funding. The establishment of a Gaelic school is a matter for individual councils but the Scottish Government will be happy to discuss these matters and consider what support can be provided.

The Scottish Government also has a Gaelic Schools Capital fund which is open to all Local Authorities to bid into for support.  This funding has helped a variety of Local Authorities expand GME including Argyll and Bute, CNES, East Ayrshire, Glasgow, Highland and North Lanarkshire.

There is now a range of measures in place to encourage young people to take up a career in Gaelic teaching. This includes distance learning courses, part time courses and conversion courses. In addition, we are supporting Bòrd na Gàidhlig's teacher recruitment campaign and the Gaelic teacher recruitment officer at Bòrd na Gàidhlig.

Guidance issued from the Scottish Government to the Scottish Funding Council(SFC) states that "The supply of teachers able to teach in the medium of Gaelic continues to be a priority for Scottish education Ministers. The Scottish Government would like the Council to continue to assist in promoting provision in this area"