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Broadcasting (Croaladh)

Gaelic version (Duilleagan Gàidhlig)

Broadcasting, especially television, plays an important role in supporting the Gaelic language. Scotland is enriched by the existence of Gaelic and the Scottish Government was committed to creating a sustainable future for the language.

The Scottish Government is proud to support MG ALBA, one of the partners in the new Gaelic digital channel BBC ALBA. The Scottish Government is committed to supporting MG ALBA and secured Freeview carriage for BBC ALBA. BBC ALBA launched on 19 September 2008 and the channel went live on Freeview in June 2011.

Gaelic radio services are available on BBC Radio nan Gaidheal and some commercial and community radio services, STV, STV north and on Freeview channel TeleG. Gaelic television programmes will continue to be broadcast on BBC2 in Scotland.