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Gaelic Language (Cànan Gàidhlig)

Gaelic Language (Cànan Gàidhlig)The Scottish Government recognises that Gaelic is an integral part of Scotland's heritage, national identity and current cultural life.

The Scottish Government has taken action and has put in place the necessary structures and initiatives and to ensure that Gaelic has a sustainable future in Scotland.

Gaelic Language (Cànan Gàidhlig)

Gaelic version (Duilleagan Gàidhlig)

Gaelic has been spoken in Scotland for over 1500 years. Over this period, Gaelic has been the language of court and government, learning and the arts, education and devotion and the home and the community.

Although its use has declined over the centuries, it is still alive and an official language of Scotland, as well as a priceless part of our nation's living, diverse culture.

The position of Gaelic is, however, extremely fragile. If Gaelic is to have a sustainable future, there needs to be a concerted effort on the part of Government, the public sector, the private sector, community bodies and individual speakers.