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Traditional Arts

The final report of the Traditional Arts Working Group was published on 31 January 2010. The group were asked to make recommendations on establishing the optimum future guaranteed support arrangements for Scotland's Traditional Arts through the best use of available resources, both financial and non-financial: so that the Traditional Arts can fulfil their role in Scotland's culture, heritage, economy, education and community life.

The group was led by David Francis, Convenor, and included - Fiona Dalgetty, Ruth Kirkpatrick, Mary Ann Kennedy, Mats Melin and Stuart Eydmann.

The Scottish Government response to the report was published in February 2011, and outlines future actions and steps already taken to help preserve Scotland’s traditional arts. These include:

  • Creative Scotland is working with key partners to find engaging and innovative ways to run residencies and apprenticeship schemes;
  • Creative Scotland and Learning Teaching Scotland are actively promoting traditional arts activities and events across Scotland’s schools, supported by a wide variety of exciting resources and protals including Scotland’s Culture, Scotland’s History; Scotland’s Songs and Scotland’s Stories.

For more information on Scotland’s traditional arts: