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Giving Children and Young People a Sporting Chance

SportScotland’s Sport Strategy for Children and Young People, Giving Children and Young People a Sporting Chance, was published on 17th June 2014. The document sets a vision that “Scotland is a great place to embark on lifelong participation in sport” and a number of principles which should guide further work including the need to put the views of children and young people at the heart of delivery, and reaching disengaged children and young people.

The document was shaped by the Young People’s Sports Panel who identified four key asks: great opportunities, delivered by great people delivered in great places and given higher profile. In recognition of this input, the strategy contains a foreword by Katie Clucas of the Panel, together with a joint foreword by Shona Robison MSP, the Cabinet Secretary for Sport, and Councillor Harry McGuigan, COSLA Spokesperson for Community Wellbeing.

The final strategy was informed by consultation on a draft version of the strategy developed with a working group of key stakeholders. Alongside formal consultation, bespoke work was undertaken with children and young people by Young Scot, the Children’s Parliament and Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People. This work reached almost 3,000 children and young people through a variety of approaches such as surveys and workshops. An analysis of the consultation responses, and a number of reports on the work undertaken with children and young people, are on the Scottish Government website alongside the strategy.

The National Strategic Group on Sport and Physical Activity chaired by the Cabinet Secretary for Sport, will monitor the ongoing delivery of the strategy.

Giving Children and Young People a Sporting Chance  and associated reports can be found at this link.