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Working Group on Supporter Involvement in Football Clubs

A short-life working group was established to consider the issue of supporter and/or community involvement in football clubs.

The Cabinet Secretary for Commonwealth Games & Sport announced the formation of the group in April 2014.

She said: "The governance and ownership of football clubs is a complex issue that requires careful consideration of all factors if we are to increase and improve supporter involvement with football clubs across our communities."

Working Group Remit

The remit of the Working Group on Supporter Involvement in Football Clubs (WGSIFC) is to identify, consider and provide recommendations on potential ways to increase and improve supporter involvement in the governance, financing and operation of professional football clubs in Scotland in order to ensure fans can be actively involved in decision-making and supporting the long term sustainability of their club.


  • Chair: Stephen Morrow, University of Stirling
  • Secretariat: Scottish Government
  • Scottish Football Association
    Andrew McKinlay (Director of Football Governance and Regulation) and Darryl Broadfoot (Head of Communications)
  • Scottish Professional Football League
    Neil Doncaster (Chief Executive) and Ian Blair (Company Secretary and Director of Operations)
  • Supporters Direct Scotland
    Andrew Jenkin (Head of SDS) and Richard Atkinson (Council Member)
  • sportscotland
    Michael Cavanagh (Football Partnership Manager) and Mel Young (Board Member/Homeless World Cup)

After meeting in 2014, the group published its final report in January 2015.

Further information on the group - including documents - is available via the links on the left-hand menu.

Report and Recommendations

The working group submitted its report and recommendations to the Minister for Sport, Health Improvement and Mental Health in December 2014, and was published on 30 Janaury 2015.

Implementation of these recommendations will be taken forward in consultation and partnership with the key stakeholders identified in the report over the coming months. Progress will be overseen by the working group with regular update reports made available below.