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Call for evidence on continuing development of sport in Scotland

As part of the their considerations, the Working Group sought to hear the views of organisations and individuals who have an active interest in the continuing development of sport in Scotland.

Views were sought in the following areas:

1. What action would you consider necessary to ensure that an independent Scotland can be successful in future Olympics and Paralympics in its own right?

2. What would be the optimum arrangements for developing, choosing and managing a Team Scotland which embraced participation in the Olympics, Paralympics and Commonwealth Games in its own right?

3. What additional opportunities would an independent Scotland bring for Scottish athletes to compete on the Olympic and Paralympic stage?

4. What steps would be necessary in an independent Scotland to ensure the right level of international and elite competition for Scottish athletes?

5. How can Scotland continue to build on current investment in facilities and programmes to ensure that it remains a country of sporting excellence at all levels?

6. How can Scotland optimise its facilities and resources to balance elite development with growth in participation?

7. What opportunities would exist for an independent Scotland to share facilities and resources across the Home Nations?

8. What should be role of the Scottish Government as a funder and promoter of sport?

9. What opportunities would exist around the nature and status of sports governing bodies in an independent Scotland?


Organisations contacted

While submissions were welcomed from all organisations and individuals, the following were contacted directly.

  • BADMINTONScotland
  • Basketball Scotland
  • British Olympic Association
  • British Paralympic Association
  • CBI Scotland
  • Colleges Scotland
  • Commonwealth Games Scotland
  • Cricket Scotland
  • Education Scotland
  • Federation of Small Business
  • NHS Health Scotland
  • The Royal Caledonia Curling Club
  • Scottish Association of Local Sports Clubs
  • Scottish Athletics
  • Scottish Council for Development and Industry
  • Scottish Council of Voluntary Organisations
  • Scottish Cycling
  • Scottish Disability Sport
  • The Scottish Football Association Ltd
  • Scottish Golf Union
  • Scottish Gymnastics
  • Scottish Ladies' Golfing Association Ltd
  • Scottish Rugby Union & Women's Rugby
  • Scottish Sports Association and its members
  • Scottish Student Sport
  • Scottish Swimming
  • Senscot
  • Sporta
  • Sports Coach UK
  • sportscotland
  • STUC
  • TENNIS Scotland
  • UK Anti-Doping Agency
  • UK Sport
  • Universities Scotland
  • Vocal Scotland
  • Volunteer Development Scotland
  • Winning Scotland Foundation

A copy of the letter issued can be found here.


Responses received

The Working Group received 24 responses to its Call for Evidence, twenty of these were from organisations and four were from individuals. Details of responses submitted can be found at this link. Two responses remain unpublished at the request of the organisations who submitted them.


Correspondence with UK sporting bodies

As part of the Call for Evidence, the Working Group on Scottish Sport made contact with the following UK sporting bodies

  • UK Sport
  • British Olympic Association
  • British Paralympic Association
  • UK Anti-Doping Agency
  • Sports Coach UK

At this link, you can find an outline of all correspondence between the Working Group and these bodies.