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Key Documents and Useful Links


Highlights Report

This Highlights Report, published by all Ryder Cup partners, pulls together a range of data and commentary from the event and The 2014 Junior Ryder Cup, including spectator experience, business, media and transport.

Legacy Story - 2014 Ryder Cup

The 2014 Ryder Cup presents a unique opportunity to deliver change across the whole of Scotland; now, in the lead up to the event and beyond. There are many legacy initiatives now in place which will benefit different people in different ways.


Celebration of Scottish sporting heroes at first day of tournament

Road and station opening signals improved public transport for Gleneagles

Rail connections go digital

More than 5,000 Ryder Cup tickets for good causes

Ryder Cup Volunteer Support Scheme

Salmond hails legacy as he welcomes Ryder captains

ClubGolf Roving Pro Fund

Queen's Baton arrives at Gleneagles

The 2014 Ryder Cup Gala Concert launches with arts and music extravaganza

Ryder Cup Educational Resource launched

Green Drive to the fore - Ryder Cup tees up Environmental benefits

Scotland's official Ryder Cup Charities announced

Student Bursary Scheme launched