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Community Sport Hubs

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active What is this programme?

Community Sport Hubs (CSHs) bring local people together and provide a home for local clubs and sport organisations. They are based in local facilities like sport centres, community centres, club pavilions, the natural environment and schools.

They will also provide information, support and advice on a wide range of sports and physical activities to make it easier for local people to get involved and engage in a more active and healthier lifestyle.

The specifics of each Hub and what it offers will vary according to local needs and resources. However, all Hubs will work to the following five principles:

  • Growth in participation

  • Engage the local community

  • Promote community leadership

  • Offer a range of sporting opportunities

  • Bring all appropriate (key) partners/ groups/people together

    For more information visit: Community Sport Hubs.

active What does the programme aim to achieve?

sportscotland worked with all 32 local authorities across Scotland to ensure at least 150 CSHs were in place by 2016, with at least 50% based in schools.

Sportscotland surpassed the target of 150 Community Sport Hubs in March 2016 and announced a further four-year financial commitment (National Lottery money) to Hubs of up to £6 million, and setting a new target of 200 CSHs by 2020.

Some of the outcomes which community sport hubs aim to achieve are:

Providing the pathway

  • More opportunities to participate in sport and physical activity

  • A home where a range of local sports clubs can work together

  • A welcome and safe place to take part in sport and physical activity

    Well trained people

  • Training and development of the people that make sport happen

    Strong organisations

  • Self sustaining sports clubs/organisations

  • An integrated approach from local partners

  • A social environment that engages members of the community

  • Genuine community engagement and leadership

    Quality facilities

  • Improved access for local people and sports clubs at affordable prices

  • Integration with local facility planning and programming

active Where is the programme taking place?

CSHs can be found throughout Scotland, in every local authority.

active Who is delivering this programme?

sportscotland, working with individual local authorities, community organisations and sports clubs.

active When is this programme going to be finished?

2016 targets have now been achieved, though the CSHs will be in place for many years to come, with a new target of 200 CSHs in place by 2020.

active What has the programme achieved so far?

Since publication of the Legacy Plan for Scotland in September 2009, sportscotland has worked with all 32 local authorities in Scotland to develop plans for the roll out of Community Sport Hubs in their areas, investing £1.5 annually. To date every local authority has at least one CSH.

Progress as at 31st March 2016 is:

  • 155 CSHs operational (up and running)
  •  57%of CSHs based in schools
  • 994 sport clubs involved in CSHs that have started up, with a total membership of 114,577 (to end of 14/15 financial year)
  • 11,282 people helping deliver sessions and 92% of these are voluntary (to end of 14/15 financial year
  • Information on Hubs can be found on the Legacy 2014 interactive map.
  • A report on the programme is available from this page.


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