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Flourishing: Overview

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Legacy 2014

The Games offered economic and social opportunities that we aimed to grasp fully and wholeheartedly to help us achieve a Flourishing Scotland.

This page has two sections. The first tracks progress towards this vision through a set of outcome indicators. The second provides an overview of the Legacy 2014 national programmes and the range of Legacy 2014 supported projects which have been put in place to help achieve the national legacy outcomes.

Both sections contain links to each of the individual outcome indicator and legacy programme pages (including to the supported projects page), clustered under intermediate outcomes.

Flourishing: Outcome Indicators


These indicators track progress (in most cases from a baseline in 2008) around how Scotland has used the Games to contribute to the growth of the Scottish economy under three intermediate outcomes: increase growth of Scottish businesses; increase movement into employment, training and volunteering; and improve the perception of Scotland as a world class destination for business, events and tourism.

Data is presented for Scotland, Glasgow, and (where relevant) for the East End of Glasgow.

It is important to note at this stage that the indicators presented here only form part of the picture. As our work progresses, economic assessment, primary research and evaluation will provide the ‘bottom-up’ evidence that will help assess the contribution of the Games specifically.

INTERMEDIATE OUTCOME: Increase growth of Scottish businesses

F1F1: Gross Value Added (GVA) in key sectors
F2F2: Business stock - number of business sites in key sectors

INTERMEDIATE OUTCOME: Increase movement into employment, training and volunteering

F3F3: Employment in key sectors
F4F4: Claimant Count - Number and proportion of people on unemployment benefit, alongside unemployment data
F5F5: School leavers in sustained positive destinations - percentage reported annually
F6F6: Modern Apprenticeships - number of New Starts, In Training, and Leavers

F7F7: Adults providing unpaid help to organisations or groups - percentage reported annually

INTERMEDIATE OUTCOME: Improve the perception of Scotland as a world class destination for business, events and tourism
F8F8: Perception of Scotland internationally - exports
F9F9: Perception of Scotland internationally - tourism
F10F10: Rank and score as a business location - best city to locate a business in today among European cities
F11F11: Rank and score as a major event destination - Glasgow
F12F12: Tourist Visits - Overseas & UK Tourists (Trips)
F13F13: Tourist Expenditure - Overseas and UK Tourists Expenditure (£)
F14F14: Hotel occupancy (Glasgow) - Annual Average Hotel occupancy (%) and July-September occupancy

Flourishing: Legacy Programmes



Currently, there are 13 legacy programmes that will help in the delivery of the three outcomes under this theme. Nine of these programmes were newly developed or were shaped to maximise new opportunities arising as a result of the Games coming to Glasgow in 2014. The others were existing programmes or activity that use the power of the Games to strengthen focus and increase momentum.

Two programmes will use the Games as a platform and as a source of contract opportunities to help existing and potential Scottish businesses prosper on a national and international stage; Seven programmes use the opportunities around, and inspiration of, the Games to provide pathways into employment, training and volunteering, particularly for young and unemployed people; and four use the Games to profile Scotland and its world class venues to help attract tourism, events, and business.

In addition to legacy programmes, there are a number of Legacy 2014 supported projects, i.e. smaller projects, events and activities happening across the country that have been inspired by the Games and which contribute to the national legacy outcomes. The supported projects benefit from using the Legacy 2014 brand and the underpinning brand benefits package. More information on the supported projects can be found at Legacy 2014 supported projects, and on accessing the brand at the Legacy 2014-Brand Centre.


Flourishing Legacy Programmes – progress so far

The information on these legacy programmes is drawn from the progress reported by the various partners delivering the programmes.

An overview of the legacy story across all themes is available on the Legacy 2014 website.  This website provide various case studies of how individuals, groups, communities, schools and businesses are already getting involved in legacy activity and feeling the benefits, as well as highlighting where opportunities still exist to get involved.

INTERMEDIATE OUTCOME: Increase growth of Scottish businesses
F1Building business capacity and awareness: supporting growth in businesses across Scotland
F1International business profile
INTERMEDIATE OUTCOME: Increase movement into employment, training and volunteering
F1Glasgow 2014 Employment
F1Legacy 2014 Employer Recruitment Incentives
F1Legacy 2014 Scotland’s Best
F1Legacy 2014 ScotGap
F1Host Broadcaster Training Initiative
F1BP Young Leaders programme
INTERMEDIATE OUTCOME: Improve the perception of Scotland as a world class destination for business, events and tourism
F1Securing major events
F1Scotland Welcomes the World
F12014 Food & Drink
F1Pre-Games training

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