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Legacy 2014

The Games offered the potential to inspire the people of Scotland to be more physically active and take part in sport, helping us have an Active Scotland.

This page has two sections. The first tracks progress towards the above vision through a set of outcome indicators. The second provides an overview of the Legacy 2014 national programmes and the range of Legacy 2014 supported projects which have been put in place to help achieve legacy outcomes.

Both sections contain links to each of the individual outcome indicator and legacy programme pages (including to the supported projects page), clustered under intermediate outcomes.

Active: Outcome Indicators





These outcome indicators track progress from a baseline in 2008 around how Scotland is using the Games to help Scottish people be more physically active under three intermediate outcomes: increase physical activity and participation in sport; improve the active infrastructure (people and places); and improve Scottish Sporting Success.

Data is presented for Scotland, Glasgow, and for the East End of Glasgow, where possible and relevant. Data is also provided on the outcomes for different social groups.

It is worth noting that the Scottish Health Survey data is disaggregated to Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board area, which is a different (wider) boundary to the Glasgow City data used elsewhere in this report.

It is also important to note that, while the Games may contribute to a change in the indicators, they only form part of the picture. As our work progresses, primary research and evaluation will provide the ‘bottom-up’ evidence that will help assess the contribution of the Games specifically.

INTERMEDIATE OUTCOME: Increase physical activity and participation in sport
A1A1: Percentage of adult population participating in moderate exercise at recommended levels
A2A2: Percentage of children participating in moderate exercise at recommended levels
A3A3: Percentage of adults with low levels of physical activity
A4A4: Percentage of children with low levels of physical activity
A5A5: Percentage of adult population participating in sport
A6A6: Percentage of children participating in sport
A7A7: Percentage of adults who are aware of physical activity recommendations
A8A8: Percentage of adults who visit the outdoors
A9A9: Walking as a recreational activity
A10A10: Active travel to work
INTERMEDIATE OUTCOME: Improve the active infrastructure (people and places)
A11A11: GVA - sport and leisure
A12A12: Employment - sport and leisure
A13A13: Sports volunteering
A14A14: Sports coaching
A15A15: Opportunities to be active
A16A16: Satisfaction with local sports facilities
A17A17: Ultimate Sports Cities: ranking and Score (ranking)
INTERMEDIATE OUTCOME: Improve Scottish sporting success
A18A18: Sporting success


Active: Legacy Programmes



Currently, there are twelve legacy programmes that will help in the delivery of the three outcomes under this theme. Five of these programmes were newly developed as a result of the Games coming to Glasgow in 2014: Games for Scotland, BIG Lottery Fund’s 2014 Communities Programme, Community Sports Hubs and Legacy 2014 Active Places Fund. Also, the Games provided a stimulus for developing a Physical Activity Implementation Plan. The others were existing programmes or activity that use the power of the Games to strengthen focus and increase momentum.

Collectively, they are helping raise awareness of the benefits of physical activity and sport, and providing a range of opportunities for people of all levels of ability to get involved; they are helping sport providers have the required infrastructure (people and places) to meet the demands of participation and development pathways; and are ensuring our high performance athletes have the support they need to perform well at the Glasgow 2014 Games and future events.

In addition to legacy programmes, there are a number of Legacy 2014 supported projects, ie smaller projects, events and activities happening across the country that have been inspired by the Games and which contribute to the national legacy outcomes. The supported projects benefit from using the Legacy 2014 brand and the underpinning brand benefits package. More information on the supported projects can be found at Legacy 2014 supported projects, and on accessing the brand at the Legacy 2014-Brand Centre.


Active Legacy Programmes – progress so far

The information on the legacy programmes within this section is drawn from the progress reported by the various partners delivering the programmes.

An overview of the legacy story across all themes is available on the Legacy 2014 website. This website provide various case studies of how individuals, groups, communities, schools and businesses have got involved in legacy activity and feeling the benefits, as well as highlighting where opportunities still exist to get involved.

INTERMEDIATE OUTCOME: Increase physical activity and participation in sport
A1Physical Activity Implementation Plan: A More Active Scotland
A2Fit in '14
A2Sport and PE in schools
A3Games for Scotland
A10BIG 2014 Communities programme

A10Mytime Active's Healthy Powerful Communities

A10StreetFit Scotland
A10Get Scotland Dancing - YDance

A10Legacy 2014 Active Rewards

A10Spirit of 2012
A10Winning Scotland Foundation
A10Tri-Nations Rugby
A10Shetland Youth Legacy Ambassadors Programme
INTERMEDIATE OUTCOME: Improve the active infrastructure (people and places)
A11Community Sport Hubs
A16Legacy 2014 Active Places Fund
A16Legacy 2014 Sustainable Sport for Communities Fund
A17Supporting Coaches and Volunteers
A17Active Travel
A17Children's Parliament
A17Street Soccer Scotland
A17Active East
INTERMEDIATE OUTCOME: Improve Scottish sporting success
A18High performance sport

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