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CashBack for Communities

The CashBack for Communities scheme utilises money recovered under the Proceeds of Crime (Scotland) Act 2002 inCashBack Logo positive ways to expand young people's horizons and increase their opportunities to develop interests and skills in an enjoyable, fulfilling and supported way.

CashBack supports and extended range of activities for children and young people in the areas of sports, culture and youth development. The activities provided are free and open to all children, focusing on areas of high crime. The initiative addresses both participation and diversions and increases the likelihood of positive long-term outcomes for those who take part. Since its launch in 2008, CashBack has invested some £46 million in projects providing over 600,000 young Scots the opportunity to participate in free diversionary activities within their local communities.

Of that total, almost £25 million has been re-invested in sport and physical activity, including £5.5 million in to the Scottish Football Association, £3.8 million to the Scottish Rugby Union, £4.35 million to Scottish Sports Futures and Basketball Scotland, £9.9 million to facilities and £1.5 million to the Multisport project (Badminton, Tennis, Squash, Hockey and Athletics).

More information on CashBack for Communities can be found on the Law, Order and Public Safety page.