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Research and evaluations

Publications and research

  • The Scottish Household Survey is designed to provide reliable and up-to-date information on the composition, characteristics, attitudes and behaviour of Scottish households and individuals, both nationally and at a sub-national level. It covers a wide range of topics to allow links to be made between different policy areas including culture.
  • The evaluation of the process and outcomes achieved to date by Big Noise Children’s Orchestra in the Raploch Estate in Stirling was published in 2011.
  • The Edinburgh Festivals Impact Study was published in 2011. It is an impact assessment of the twelve Festivals represented by Festivals Edinburgh that considers social, cultural, environmental and media aspects, in addition to the economic effects.
  • Culture Delivers (2008) sets out a wide range of ways in which culture and creativity can contribute positively to outcomes and objectives across the policy spectrum. It is intended as a useful resource for those developing the service plans that deliver the national and local outcomes set out in the Single Outcome Agreements.
  • Cultural Consumption in Scotland and Child’s Play This analysis was undertaken in-house within the Scottish Government by using large scale data from the 2007/8 Scottish Household Survey Culture (and Sport) Module. It explores the role of childhood encouragement to participate in and attend cultural activities in promoting cultural participation and attendance in adult life.

Toolkits and Frameworks

  • The Scottish Government has been working closely with VOCAL (the Voice for culture and leisure managers in Scotland) to support the organisation to build capacity and strengthen its membership to become a fully representative national organisation. This includes working with VOCAL to strengthen the ‘roll-out’ of How Good Is Our Culture and Sport? A unified Quality Improvement Framework (QIF), with its strategic element, " How Good Is Our Culture and Sport?" (HGIOCS?) has been drafted to assist local authorities and other service providers to evaluate the quality, effectiveness, efficiency and inclusiveness of their culture and sport provision. For more information on the HGIOCS? click here.
  • Previously, the Scottish Government has also supported the cultural and creative sector to develop the tools and resources to help embed culture more effectively into the Single Outcome Agreement process.  Collaborative activity to develop a Toolkit for Community Planning Partnerships (CPPs) on working with culture - to build on our 2008 publication "Culture Delivers" is ongoing. The draft toolkit was produced and put out to consultation with local government, culture bodies and selected Community Planning interests. It is underpinned with practical advice and evidence, and contains good practice examples. The intention has been to support CPPs appreciate, and act on their understanding, that the use of culture can be a complementary and effective tool for advancing their 'well-being' agenda and improving the life of the community - in particular those who are disengaged and/or marginalised and (probably also) under-represented in terms of cultural participation.