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Wednesday 24/05/2000

Summary of Responses to the Consultation Paper "An Open Scotland: Freedom of Information"

Summary of Responses

Monday 22/05/2000

An Evaluation of the SACRO (Fife) Young Offender Mediation Project - Research Findings [Research]

The project is aimed at young people between the aged of 11 and 16 showing signs of developing a pattern of offending behaviour.

Friday 19/05/2000

Comparative Evaluation of Greenways and Conventional Bus Lanes - Research Findings [Research]

The Scottish Executive commissioned research to evaluate 2 Greenway corridors in Edinburgh as an effective means of Traffic Management.

Thursday 18/05/2000

Results of the Scottish Executive Staff Survey 2000 - Research Findings [Government]

This survey is the second in a planned series of 3 annual surveys. It investigates staff views on a range of issues including working patterns, training and development and communication.

Tuesday 16/05/2000

Advertising Planning Proposals - Research Findings [Research]

This summary report outlines the findings of the research into Advertising Planning Proposals.

Assessment of Voter Education Campaign for the Scottish Parliament Elections [Research]

This research was to assess the effectiveness of a Voter Education Campaign run by The Scottish Office from mid-Feb to early May 1999, in the run up to the 1st election for the new Scottish Parliament

Family Support and Community Care: A Study of South Asian Older People [Research]

This study explores the views of older South Asian people about home support needs and services, in the context of a review of existing provision.

Thursday 11/05/2000

Drugs Action Plan: Protecting our Future

Scottish Executive's Role in national Drugs Strategy

PDF version of report

Learning Disability Services Review - PDF version of report

Wednesday 03/05/2000

Council Tax Collection Arrangements in Scotland and England & Wales - Research Findings [Research]

Summary of study to identify the factors that may be responsible for the higher council tax in-year collection rates in England and Wales compared to Scotland.

Evaluation of Scottish Road Safety Campaign Travel Packs - Research Findings [Research]

Research was commissioned to establish the extent of use of the travel pack among the target audience of children aged 8-10.

Road Safety Education in the Scottish Curriculum - Research Findings [Research]

The results of the research assisted in the development of a strategy for the SRSC to provide a more equitable and consistent promotion and delivery of road safety education within Scottish schools.

The Role of Information and Communications Technology in Road Safety Education - Research Findings [Research]

This research explored the potential of ICT as a means of teaching road safety.

Monday 01/05/2000

Development Plan Progress May 2000 [Planning]

Development Plan Progress May 2000

Thursday 27/04/2000

Residential Care Homes, Scotland 1999 - Statistical Information Note: SEHD/RCC/1999

Statistics Release

Thursday 20/04/2000

River Crossings and Migratory Fish: Design Guidance - Consultation [Transport]


Wednesday 19/04/2000

INVESTING IN YOU: The Annual Report of the Scottish Executive

This is the Annual Expenditure Report for the Scottish Executive which is now out of print and the only place it is available is on the Internet.

Judicial Appointments:An Inclusive Approach

Consultation paper on the arrangements for judicial appointments.

Road Accidents and Children Living in Disadvantaged Areas - Research Findings [Research]

This review is aimed at exploring the relationship between child pedestrian accidents and social exclusion, and to make recommendations for further research in this area.

Tuesday 18/04/2000

Research on Repeat Victimisation in Scotland - Research Findings [Research]

Tests whether the findings from elsewhere also apply to Scotland. It does this by analysing Scottish Crime Survey data, police records & through interviews with repeat victims & offfenders.

Showing: 16541 to 16560 of 16962