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Thursday 21/05/1998

Circular 7/1998 [Planning]

Circular 7/1998

Thursday 07/05/1998

Sustainable Transport for Aberdeen [Transport]

The research comprised an audit of Aberdeen's existing transport system, the specification of alternative transport strategies and surveys.

Tuesday 31/03/1998

Planning Advice Note: PAN 50 ANNEX B Controlling the Environmental Effects of Surface Mineral Workings Annex B: The Control of Dust at Surface Mineral Workings [Planning]

Provides advice on how the planning system can be used to keep dust emissions from surface mineral workings within environmentally acceptable limits.

Thursday 19/03/1998

Scottish Local Government Financial Statistics 1995-1996

Series of tables relating to local authority accounts

Friday 27/02/1998

Circular 4/1998 [Planning]

Circular 4/1998

Wednesday 14/01/1998

Circular 1/1998 [Planning]

Circular 1/1998

Circular 2/1998 [Planning]

Circular 2/1998

Tuesday 30/12/1997

Circular 43/1997 [Planning]

Circular 43/1997

Monday 01/12/1997

Planning Bulletin - Issue 16 [Planning]

Planning Bulletin - Issue 16

Wednesday 26/11/1997

Expenditure on Criminal Legal Aid: Report of a Comparative Pilot Study of Scotland, England and Wales and the Netherlands [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Pilot comparative study suggests why spending on Criminal Legal Aid is much higher (per head of population) in England and Wales, and Scotland than the Netherlands.

Friday 17/10/1997

Circular 36/1997 [Planning]

Circular 36/1997

Friday 01/08/1997



Monday 02/06/1997



Sunday 01/06/1997

Circular 17/1997 [Planning]

Circular 17/1997

THE PLANNING BULLETIN - Issue Fifteen June 1997 [Planning]

THE PLANNING BULLETIN - Issue Fifteen June 1997

Tuesday 01/04/1997

Circular 4/1997 [Planning]

Circular 4/1997

Circular 5/1997 [Planning]

Circular 5/1997

Planning in Small Towns PAN 52 [Planning]

Planning in Small Towns PAN 52

Monday 17/03/1997

Trump International Correspondence

Information regarding the Menie Estate Planning Application by Trump International Golf Links Scotland

Wednesday 22/01/1997

Circular 1/1997 [Planning]

Circular 1/1997

Showing: 16561 to 16580 of 16625