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Monday 12/03/2001

The Effectiveness of Public Health Nursing: A Review of Systematic Reviews

To review the literature on the effectiveness of interventions relevant to Public Health Nursing; critically appraise the evidence; and synthesise the findings in a report

Friday 09/03/2001

Women and Men in the Professions in Scotland [Research]

This study aims to start to fill the gap in our knowledge of women's position within the professions in Scotland.

Wednesday 07/03/2001

Local Economic Forums : National Guidelines

Local Economic Forums : National Guidelines

The Nature of Scotland: A Policy Statement

Scottish Executive's proposals for a modernised system for nature conservation

Monday 05/03/2001

Caring for Scotland - The Strategy for Nursing and Midwifery in Scotland

Plans to enhance the capabilities of nurses, midwives and health visitors in Scotland to provide a flexible, responsive needs driven service .

Environmental Qualifications for Scotland's Workforce - a consultation document

Environmental Qualifications for Scotland's Workforce - a consultation document

Review of the Farm Woodland Premium Scheme and the Woodland Grant Scheme

Review of the Farm Woodland Premium Scheme and the Woodland Grant Scheme



Friday 02/03/2001

Arable Area Payments Scheme (AAPS)

This is an explanatory booklet for the Arable Area Payments Scheme (AAPS), which is a subsidy scheme introduced as part of a series of measures of the 1992 reform of the Common Agricultural Policy.

Thursday 01/03/2001

Freedom of Information: Consultation on Draft Legislation


Our National Health: A Short Guide to the Health Plan

Short Guide

People's Juries in Social Inclusion Partnerships: Six Month Follow-Up of the Jury Process - Research Findings [Research]

This Research Findings evaluates the progress made by Stakeholders in delivering the actions agreed during the Stakeholder Jury 6 months previously & outlines key results from the follow-up exercise.

Planning Advice Note: PAN 40 - Development Control [Planning]

Planning Advice Note: PAN 40 - Development Control

The Role of the Planning System in the Provision of Housing - Research Findings [Research]

This study assesses the availability and suitability of housing land brought forward through the development plan process.

Wednesday 28/02/2001

Evaluation of the Empty Homes Initiative [Research]

This report was carried out to provide a balanced assessment of the EHI's achievements to date, both to the specific targets set for individual projects and to their wider economic and social impact.

Tuesday 27/02/2001

Quality Assurance in Initial Teacher Education - The Standard for Initial Teacher Education in Scotland Benchmark Information

Information on Teaching Standards

Monday 26/02/2001

Recreational Drug Use and Driving - A Qualitative Study [Research]

The research reported here complements this survey by providing more in-depth qualitative information on the links between recreational drug use and driving.

Recreational Drugs and Driving - Prevalence Survey [Research]

This report is the first stage in a wider study to establish the prevalence of drug-driving in Scotland.

Recreational Drugs and Driving - Research Findings [Research]

The research comprised 2 separate studies, a survey of over 1000 individual drivers aged 17-39 in Scotland, and a qualitative study involving attendees at nightclubs and dance events in Scotland.

Friday 23/02/2001

Affordability of Water and Sewerage Charges : Consultation Report

Results of consultation on water charges

Showing: 16501 to 16520 of 17183