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Friday 10/09/1999

An Examination of Unsuccessful Priority Partnership Area Bids - Research Findings [Research]

This study seeks to establish the impact of the competitive bidding process on Partnerships which were unsuccessful in their bids to be designated as Priority Partnership Areas (PPAs).

Tuesday 07/09/1999

Evaluation of Prevention of Environmental Pollution from Agricultural Activity (PEPFAA) Code - Research Findings [Research]

PEPFAA Code aims to highlight potential environmental risks associated with agricultural practices & provide a practical guide to farmers on ways of eliminating or minimising env issues or problems.

Monday 06/09/1999

Making it Work Together - A Programme for Government


Tuesday 31/08/1999

Circular 15/1999 [Planning]

Circular 15/1999

Tuesday 24/08/1999

Effective and Cost-Effective Measures to Reduce Alcohol Misuse in Scotland: A Literature Review - Research Findings [Research]

SE Literature Review of Alcohol Misuse Treatment

Firearm Certificates Statistics, Scotland 1998 CrJ/1999/5 [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Statistics on firearms in Scotland

Tuesday 17/08/1999

The Effect of Closed Circuit Television on Recorded Crime Rates and Public Concern about Crime in Glasgow - Research Findings [Research]

The research on which this summary is based was commissioned to assess the impact of the cameras on crime in the city centre and on public concerns about crime.

Monday 09/08/1999

Perceptions of Local Government: A Report of Focus Group Research [Research]

Report of focus group research of the public's perceptions of aspects of local government. It was prepared to assist the Commission on Local Government & the Scottish Parliament in its deliberations.

The Role and Effectiveness of Community Councils with Regard to Community Consultation [Research]

This research report on the role and effectiveness of community councils was prepared to inform the deliverations of the Commission on Local Government and the Scottish Parliament.

Thursday 29/07/1999

The People's Panel in Scotland: Wave 2 (August - November 1998) - Research Findings [Research]

Investigates public attitudes to improving local democracy, understanding of the funding of local authority services, complaint handling in the public sector, care in the community, career help etc.

Tuesday 27/07/1999

Local Partnership Agreements [Health and Community Care]


Friday 23/07/1999

The People's Panel in Scotland: Wave 1 - Research Findings [Research]

The People's Panel was set up as part of a wider programme to modernise government. This first wave of interviewing investigated attitudes towards public services.

Tuesday 20/07/1999

Research into Practice: News from The Scottish Office about Research in Social Work and Social Care No 2 July 1999 [Research]

Newsletter July 1999 regarding research in social work and social care.

Monday 19/07/1999

Association of Scottish Colleges: Annual Conference - 11 June 1999: Speech By Mr McLeish [Government]

Association of Scottish Colleges: Annual Conference - 11 June 1999: Speech By Mr McLeish

Thursday 08/07/1999

Improving our Schools (Summary) [Education and Training]

Summary of main document outlining school improvement strategy

Tuesday 06/07/1999

Fair Shares for All [Health and Community Care]

Report of the National Review of Resource Allocation for the NHS in Scotland

Wednesday 30/06/1999

Code of Practice on Access to Scottish Executive Information

Code of Practice

Monday 28/06/1999

An Electoral System for Scottish Local Government: Modelling some Alternatives [Research]

This report assesses the relative merits of a number of alternative proportional representation electoral systems for Scottish local government.

Wednesday 23/06/1999

Writing for CRU Research Series: Guidance for Contractors

These Guidance Notes provide advice on the style and format of Central Research Unit (CRU) reports.

Tuesday 15/06/1999

Community Mediation in Scotland: A Study of Implementation [Research]

To examine the development and implementation of community mediation schemes run by 3 small scale voluntary organisations in Scotland.

Showing: 16501 to 16520 of 16788