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Thursday 12/07/2001

A Fishing Industry Guide to Offshore Operators

Advice for oil industry personnel about the various types of fishing gear in common use by the UK fishing fleet and the likely damage that such gear might cause to infrastructure lying on the seabed.

Wednesday 11/07/2001

National Evaluation of Operation and Impact of Supervised Attendance Orders [Research]

This report examines the use of SAO on a National level as an effective sentencing tool.

National Evaluation of Operation and Impact of Supervised Attendance Orders - Research Findings [Research]

This study was commissioned to evaluate the national roll-out of SAOs under the new legislative provisions.

Monday 09/07/2001

Report of the 'First Stage' Review of Initial Teacher Education

Review of teacher education

Friday 06/07/2001

A Forward Strategy for Scottish Agriculture: Summary

Summary of Forward Strategy

Commission Proposals on Adventitious GM Presence in Non-GM Seeds

A follow up consultation, which allowed interested organisations the opportunity to revise comments on the earlier proposals, or to make new points to be put forward to the Commission by the UK.

Councillors' Travel and Subsistence Allowances

Rates of Travel and subsistence for councillors

Development Plan Progress: June 2001

Development Plan Progress Monitor

Scottish Drug Enforcement Agency Annual Report 2000-1

Annual Report on SDEA Activities

Scottish Executive Publications List 2000

The annual Scottish Executive Publications List contains every publication authored by The Scottish Executive in 2000, which is placed in the Scottish Executive Library

The Effect of Road Traffic on Residential Property Values: A Literature Review and Hedonic Pricing Study

The aim of this research was to quantify how the physical factors associated with a new road affect the price of property.

Thursday 05/07/2001

Children's Hearings: Care and Justice for Scotland's Young People

Press supplement about the children's hearings system in Scotland.

Complaints Against the Police in Scotland: A Consultation Paper

COnsultation seeking views on how to enhance the independence of complaints against the police

School Education (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill [Draft] - Consultation

Consultation paper on the School Education Bill

Scottish Police College Annual Performance Review

Her Majestys Inspectorate of Constabulary produce a report showing five year performance trends in selected areas of police activity.

Wednesday 04/07/2001

Health Fraud: Help for people who can't pay - penalties for people who won't pay

Newspaper Supplement explaining entitlement to NHS Dental treatment, sight tests, vouchers and prescriptions and explaining role of The Fraud Investigation Unit

Tuesday 03/07/2001

Cancer in Scotland: Action for Change

Scotland's Cancer Strat3egy

Monday 02/07/2001

Adult Literacy and Numeracy in Scotland

Adult Literacy and Numeracy in Scotland

Rough Sleepers Initiative in Glasgow

An evaluation of the adequacy and quality of services funded by the Rough Sleepers Initiative in Glasgow

Sunday 01/07/2001

Circular 5/2001 [Planning]


Showing: 16161 to 16180 of 17035