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Friday 19/01/2001

Companion Hazard Warning System

Report on Stage 1 trial of COMPANION roadside hazard warning and information system. The system is based on electronic guide for warning drivers of any kind of unexpected events ahead.

Draft issued for Consultation Purposes only: The Processed Animal Protein (Scotland) Regulations 2001

Consultation on prpoosed Regulation

Early Education and Childcare Plans 2001-2004: Guidance to Partnerships

Guidance to Local Authorities, with their Childcare Partnerships, for the completion of the third round of their Early Education and Childcare Plans'

Optimum Provision of Lighting at Rural Junctions

Transport Research Laboratory was contracted by SE-DD RNMMD to investigate the safety performance of reduced provision of lighting at priority controlled junctions on rural roads. (No. PR/SC/07/00).

Park and Ride Initiatives Using Variable Message Signs

This report considers the opportunities for intelligent transport systems (ITS) including NADICS to assist with the provision of travel information at park and ride sites in Scotland.

Scottish Economic Report January 2001

The Scottish Economic Report is a twice-yearly publication. It incorporates a review of the progress and prospects for the Scottish economy, together with a review of the broader economic context.

Thursday 18/01/2001

Our National Health - A plan for action, a plan for change : Action Summary

Action Summary

Review of Public Bodies : Discussion Paper : January 2001

Consultation for a Scottish Commissioner for Public Appointments

Wednesday 17/01/2001

Evaluation of the Cycle Challenge Initiative - Research Findings [Research]

This research was commissioned to identify how the Scottish Executive and others can build upon the experience of the CCI, maximising its effectiveness in supporting cycling in Scotland in the future.

Scottish Executive Response to the Report of the Disability Rights Task Force

This report covers recommendations in devolved areas

Tuesday 16/01/2001

Consultation on EU Wide Controls on Feed

Consultation on EU Wide Controls on Feed

Review of the Environmental Effects of the Landfill Tax in Scotland - Research Findings [Environment]

To identify, evaluate and assess the environmental effects of the landfill tax in Scotland.

Scottish Strategy for Victims

Policy document developed by the SE & Criminal Justice Agencies through the Victims Steering Group

Scottish Strategy for Victims :Scottish Executive Justice Department Action Plan

Justice Department action plan of how the aims of the strategy will be achieved.

Services in Rural Scotland

Report of the Scottish National Rural Partnership's sub-group on rural service provision

Monday 15/01/2001

A Teaching Profession for the 21st Century: Agreement reached following recommendations made in the McCrone Report

Information on reforms in the Teaching Profession

Transcripts of Proceedings at the Public Enquiry into Incident at Dunblane Primary School on 13 March 1996

Public inquiry transcript

What Support is Available for Mature Scottish Students in Higher Education 2001-02?

what support is available for mature students

Friday 12/01/2001

Family Mediation Services for Minority Ethnic Families in Scotland - Research Findings [Research]

Explores cultural attitudes, norms & practices assoc with marriage, separation & divorce in minority ethnic families. Aims to examine the appropriateness & accessibility of family mediation services.

Report of the HIV Health Promotion Strategy Review Group

Review of HIV prevention activities in Scotland and recommendations on reinvigorating these

Showing: 16121 to 16140 of 16717