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Monday 26/06/2000

A Review of the Research Literature on Serious Violent and Sexual Offenders [Research]

This literature review examines the current and recent UK and international literature on the sentencing of dangerous offenders.

The Role of Information and Communications Technology in Road Safety Education [Research]

The main aim of the project was to evaluate the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in road safety education.

Friday 23/06/2000

Evaluation of the Airborne Initiative (Scotland) - Research Findings [Research]

To provide residential courses for offenders with the aims of reducing offending behaviour and enhancing employment and training prospects.

Thursday 22/06/2000

Evaluation of the Scottish Road Safety Travel Packs [Research]

This report was aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of the Travel Packs on the target audience of children aged 8-10.

Road Safety Education in the Curriculum [Research]

This study aimed to assess the overall factors which determine the way in which road safety education is undertaken in Scottish schools.

Wednesday 21/06/2000

Audit of ICT Initiatives in Social Inclusion Partnerships and Working for Communities Pathfinders in Scotland [Research]

Audit report provides a clear & comprehensive picture of information & communication technologies (ICT) initiatives in Social Inclusion Partnerships & Working for Communities Pathfinders as at Dec 99.

Researching Ethnic Minorities in Scotland: Report of Workshop Held on 2 March 2000 [Research]

Report of workshop to inform the planning & development of a programme of work with ethnic minorities in Scotland. Report contains speakers presentations & reports of group discussions.

Tuesday 20/06/2000

Social Exclusion in Rural Areas: A Literature Review and Conceptual Framework - Research Findings [Research]

A summary of a research report reviewing literature on social exclusion in rural Scotland and rural Britain, and the development of a framework for analysis of social exclusion.

Friday 16/06/2000

An Evaluation of the SACRO (Fife) Young Offender Mediation Project [Research]

This report examines the three main principles of the SACRO Programme: early intervention; inclusion of a victim perspective; and, finally, voluntary reparation.

Meeting in the Middle: A Study of Solicitors' and Mediators' Divorce Practice [Research]

Comparative study on how solicitors, solicitor-mediators, and all family mediators manage disputes between parties involved in divorce proceedings.

Preventing Repeat Victimisation in Scotland: Some Examples of Good Practice [Research]

This report analyses examples of preventing a small proportion of the population which suffers the highest proportion of crime.

Report of the working group on sex education in Scottish schools

This report details the findings and recommendations of the Ministerial working group on sex education (the McCabe Committee).

Road Accidents and Children Living in Disadvantaged Areas [Research]

The Scottish Executive commissioned a detailed review of the research literature in order to explore the link between Road Accidents and Children Living in Disadvantaged areas.

Thursday 15/06/2000

Trust Port Review: Modernising Trust Ports-A guide to good governance - Issue 1 (by DETR)

Practical advice on implementation of the Trust Port guidelines

Trust Port Review: Modernising Trust Ports-A guide to good governance - Issue 2 (by DETR)

Practical advice on Harbour Revision Orders in connection with Trust Port guidelines

Tuesday 13/06/2000

The Child at the Centre: Self-evaluation in the early years

This self evaluation guide is for centres providng pre-school education & day care to children aged 3-5. It includes performance indicators used in the inspection of centres for pre-school education

Monday 12/06/2000

Briefing Paper on The Scottish Textile and Clothing Industry

A SWOT analysis of the Scottish Textile Indusstry

Justice Circular No 8/2000- Disclosure to the Employment Service of recommended restrictions to be placed on the employment of potentially dangerous offenders [Law, Order and Public Safety]

This circular notifies of the process to be followed to inform employment services of recommended restrictions on the type of employment offered to potentially dangerous offenders.

Public Charitable Collections [Research]

To address concerns over legislation for and regulation of public charitable collections.

Public Trusts and Educational Endowments [Research]

This came out of a larger project concerning law reform in relation to charitable bodies in Scotland, with some focus on regulation and reorganisation of educational endowments.

Showing: 16121 to 16140 of 16569