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Wednesday 12/10/2016

Trafficking and Exploitation Strategy - Consultation Questions [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Questions for consultation on the draft human trafficking and exploitation strategy

Tuesday 11/10/2016

Implementing Early Learning and Childcare under the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014: Progress Update [Education and Training]

An update of progress in implementing the increase in the entitlement to early learning and childcare to 600 hours per year through the 2014 Children & Young People Act.

Consultation on New Controls in the Queen Scallop Fishery in ICES Divisions VIa and VIIa [Marine and Fisheries]

Consultation seeking views on introducing new management measures in the queen scallop fishery in ICES divisions VIa (north coast of Northern Ireland and western Scotland) and VIIa (Irish Sea).

Homicide in Scotland 2015-16 [Statistics]

Statistical bulletin on crimes of homicide recorded by the police in Scotland in 2015-16.

Monday 10/10/2016

Age Cap on Student Maintenance Loans as Set Out in Regulation 3 of The Education (Student Loans)(Scotland) Regulations 2007 - EQIA [Education and Training]

This EQIA forms part of the review of the age cap for student maintenance loan eligibility.


The NHSScotland Confidential Alert Line was initially launched as a pilot on 2 April 2013. Public Concern at Work (PCaW) the charity that runs the service had their contract extended to continue to provide the service to 31 July 2017. As part of this contract, PCaW provide the Scottish Government with 6 monthly evaluation reports. This document covers the period from 1 August 2015 - 31 January 2016

Friday 07/10/2016

Update on Renewable Heat Target and Action - 2016 [Environment]

The Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 requires Scottish Ministers to produce a plan for the use of renewable sources and to report regularly on progress. A Renewable Heat Action Plan was produced in November 2009 updated in 2010, and refreshed again in 2011. The Heat Policy Statement published June 2015, updates and replaces the Renewable Heat Action Plan and subsequent updates. This 2016 update report outlines progress made against Scotland's renewable heat target and actions to achieve it.

The Creation of a Specific Offence of Domestic Abuse - Proposed Associated Reforms to Criminal Procedure [Law, Order and Public Safety]

The creation of a specific offence of Domestic Abuse and the proposed associated reforms to criminal procedure

Thursday 06/10/2016

Independent Review of Underground Coal Gasification - Report [Business and Industry]

An independent and evidenced examination of the issues and evidence surrounding Underground Coal Gasification, drawing on published sources of information, expert input and community views to help the Scottish Government formulate future policies or actions.

First Estimates of the Cereal and Oilseed Rape Harvest in Scotland 2016 [Agriculture]

Estimates of the Scottish cereal and oilseed harvest based on provisional areas and estimates of yield based on a panel of industry experts.

Wednesday 05/10/2016

Pesticide Usage in Scotland: Outdoor Vegetable Crops 2015 [Agriculture]

This publication presents information from a survey of pesticide use on vegetable crops grown for human consumption in Scotland during 2015.

Pesticide Usage in Scotland: Protected Edible Crops 2015 - Summary Report [Agriculture]

This publication presents information from a survey of pesticide use on protected edible crops in Scotland.

Pesticide Usage in Scotland: Rodenticide Use by Local Authorities 2015 [Environment]

This report presents the results of a survey of rodenticide use by local authorities in domestic, industrial and agricultural settings in Scotland during 2015.

Planning Performance Statistics, 2016/17, Q1 [Planning]

This report presents the latest summary statistics on planning decision-making and timescales for April to June 2016 (Quarter 1), as well as historic data going back to quarter one of 2012/13. It is based on data collected by the Scottish Government from Local and Planning Authorities as part of the Planning Performance Framework (introduced in 2012).

Fairer Scotland Action Plan [General]

This Fairer Scotland Action Plan is a first government response to the Fairer Scotland conversation and a range of wider sources. It outlines 50 actions to help tackle poverty, reduce inequality and build a fairer and more inclusive Scotland.

Draft Strategic Police Priorities for Scotland - Consultation Analysis Report [Law, Order and Public Safety]

An analysis report for the recent consultation on Strategic Police Priorities

Strategic Police Priorities for Scotland [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Strategic Police Priorities set under section 33 of the Police and Fire Reform (Scotland) Act 2012.

Strategic Police Priorities for Scotland - Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment [Law, Order and Public Safety]

A BRIA carried out in support of the Strategic Police Priorities for Scotland

Strategic Police Priorities for Scotland - Children's Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment [Law, Order and Public Safety]

A Children's Rights and Wellbeing Impact assessment carried out in support of the Strategic Police Priorities for Scotland

Strategic Police Priorities for Scotland - Equality Impact Assessment - Results [Law, Order and Public Safety]

The results of the Equality Impact Assessment carried out in support of development of Strategic Police Priorities for Scotland

Showing: 121 to 140 of 16056