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Monday 22/12/2003

Primary Healthcare Newsletter [Health and Community Care]

Primary Care Newsletter showing achievements from Greater Glasgow Primary Care NHS Trust.

The Fishing Vessels (Decommissioning) (Scotland) Scheme 2003 [Marine and Fisheries]

List of vessels decommissioning under the Fishing Vessels Decommissioning Scotland Scheme 2003

Friday 19/12/2003

Second HECA Progress Report for the Scottish Parliament [Housing]

This document reports on the progress made by Scottish local authorities on improving the energy efficiency of housing stock. This is required under the Home Energy Conservation Act 1995

Thursday 18/12/2003

Strategic Environmental Assessment: A Consultation on Proposed Legislative Measures to Introduce Strategic Environmental Assessment in Scotland

A consultation on the implementation of the Partnership Agreement, Green Thread commitment and EU Directive 2001/42/EC on Strategic Environmental Assessment

School Census September 2002 - Additional Analysis [Statistics]

Additional analysis e.g. ethnicity, free school meals, pupil numbers by local authority.

Wednesday 17/12/2003

Consultation on Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 Part 3: Crofting Community Right to Buy Consultation on Draft Regulations

Consultation on 4 Regulations/Orders required to implement Part 3 of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act

Drugs Misuse Statistics Scotland 2003 [Health and Community Care]

An annual compilation of all the latest available information on drug misuse drawing from a wide range of national data sources.

Evaluation of the Domestic Abuse Service Development Fund 2000-2002 [People and Society]

The research describes the types of domestic abuse work that are funded by the DASDF and the perceived impact of such work on service providers and service users.

Evaluation of the Domestic Abuse Service Development Fund 2000-2002 - Research Findings [Research]

The research describes the types of domestic abuse work that are funded by the DASDF and the perceived impact of such work on service providers and service users.

Home Care Services, Scotland 2003 [Statistics]

Statistical Release on the latest national figures for home care services provided or purchased by local authorities in Scotland

Scottish Community Care Statistics 2002 [Health and Community Care]

Community Care Statistics 2002 brings together a wealth of information on health and social care services for adults in Scotland

Social Justice - a Scotland where everyone matters: Indicators of Progress 2003 [People and Society]

Reporting progress against the social justice milestones and targets

Technical note: Estimating the poundage supplement needed to meet the cost of the Small Business Rate Relief scheme - 2004/05 [Business and Industry]

Note calculating the SBRRS supplement for 2004-2005

The Children's Hearings System in Scotland 2003: Training Resource Manual - 2nd edition [People and Society]

A resource manual for the training of panel members

Tuesday 16/12/2003

Scottish Commission for the Regulation of Care: Proposals for Maximum Fees 2004-05

Consultation paper

Effective Interventions Unit Evaluation Guide 12: Intensive interventions with young people [Health and Community Care]

This evaluation guide considers how to plan an evaluation and concentrates on identifying appropriate evaluation questions and outcome measures.

Health for All Children: Guidance on Implementation in Scotland - A Draft for Consultation [Health and Community Care]

This draft guidance describes a revised programme for child health surveillance, screening and child health promotion.

Reducing Landfill: A Landfill Allowance Scheme Consultation

A consultation paper seeking views on proposals for allocating allowances to local authorities for the landfilling of biodegradable waste in Scotland

Children's Hearings Representative Group: Report on Children's Hearings Time Intervals 2002-03 [Education and Training]

Report on Children's Hearings Time Intervals 2002-03

HM Inspectorate of Prisons HMP Kilmarnock Inspection 13-14 August 2003 [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Follow Up report of HMP Kilmarnock

Showing: 12801 to 12820 of 16159