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Monday 30/12/2002


Report of the Working Group on Young Runaways and Children Abused through Prostitution

Tuesday 24/12/2002

Education Authority School Term Dates For Session 2003-2004 [Education and Training]

Scottish School Term Dates for Session 2003 - 04

Monday 23/12/2002

The Regulation of Care (Scotland) Act 2001: Commencement of Regulation of Housing Support Services, Child Care Agencies, and the Management of Funds for those Adults with Incapacity; and Transitional Arrangements for Registration [Health and Community Care]

Consultation on the Commencement of Services new to regulation by the Care Commission

National Listing - Chardon LL Hearing (Alun Alesbury Publication)

Report on the National Listing - Chardon LL Hearing.

Good Practice Statement for the Preperation of Injections in Near-Patient Areas, including Clinical and Home Environments [Health and Community Care]

Good practice statements have been developed by an Expert Group on the preparation of medicines for injection.

A Summary of Key Outcomes from the Special Educational Needs Innovation Grants Programme (1999-2002) [Education and Training]

This document summarises the key outcomes (including published resources) of the Scottish Executive’s Special Education Needs Innovation Grants programme (1999-2002).

Evaluation of the Scottish Prison Service's Tendering Process for Social Work Contracts [Law, Order and Public Safety]

A study to evaluate the Scottish Prison Service tendering and commissioning process for the provision of social work services in 4 prisons, with the focus on process rather than quality of services

Friday 20/12/2002

The Prohibition of Keeping or Release of Live Fish (Specified Species) (Scotland) Order 2003 [Marine and Fisheries]

The Order will fulfil a proposal in last year's Green Paper 'Scotland's Freshwater Fish and Fisheries: Securing their Future'. It bans the keeping or release of non-native species without a licence.

Community Care Research Programme 2002-2004 [Research]

The Programme sets out key research priorities in the field of community care to support the development, monitoring and evaluation of policy and practice

Higher Education Graduates and Diplomates in Scotland: 2000-01 [Statistics]

Info on Graduates and Diplomates in Scotland

Justice Department Circular No JD 11/2002 [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 provides powers for a police or customs officer to seize and apply for the forfeiture of cash which is or represents property obtained through unlawful conduct.

National Grid for Learning Progress Report 2 [Education and Training]

A report of progress made since the publication of the last report in August 2001.

Professional Review and Development 2002 [Education and Training]

Document sets out a framework for professional review and development for use by LAs, schools and teachers.

Proposals for Amendment to the Waste Management Licensing Regulations to Implement New COTC Awards: Consultation Paper [Environment]

The purpose of this consultation is to set out proposed amendments to the qualification requirements of the Waste Management Licensing Regulations (WMLR) 1994

The Status of Traditional Scottish Animal Breeds and Plant Varieties and the Implications for Biodiversity [Agriculture]

This study was commissioned to evaluate effects on Scottish biodiversity of changes in traditional livestock breeds and crop varieties, the current status and use of these breeds and varieties.

Vital Voices: Helping Vulnerable Witnesses Give Evidence: Report on the Analysis of Responses to the Consultation [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Analysis of responses to the Vital Voices consultation examining current arrangements relating to vulnerable witnesses & considering whether these arrangements require to be extended or changed

Thursday 19/12/2002

Scottish Screen a Review by the Scottish Executive

This is the Report of the Review of Scottish Screen requested by Ministers following their review of NDPBs in 2001.

Scotland's Transport Delivering Improvements: Transport Indicators for Scotland [Transport]

11 transport indicators which enable us to chart progress on delivering improvements to Scotland's transport infrastructure

Less Favoured Area Support Scheme (LFASS) 2003 [Agriculture]

Dear Producer Letter and Information Note on LFASS 2003

NHSScotland Complaints Statistics, year ending 31 March 2002 [Health and Community Care]

Information on written complaints received by hospital and community care services, Health Boards and Primary Care Services.

Showing: 12801 to 12820 of 15097