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Thursday 27/02/2003

Planning Advice Note PAN 67 Housing Quality [Planning]

Explains how Designing Places, Nov 2001, should be applied to new housing.

Regulatory Impact Assessment for Scottish Planning Policy 3: Planning for Housing [Planning]

Assesses the impact of 'SPP 3 Planning for Housing' on business and other interests.

Results of Teacher Workforce Planning for 2003/04 [Statistics]

Results of the latest round of teacher workforce planning for Scotland

Scottish Awards for Quality in Planning 2002 [Planning]

Report of the Judges: Designing Places Award

Scottish Awards for Quality in Planning 2002 - Report of the Judges [Planning]

Describes each nomination, followed by the Judges' comments and recommendations.

Scottish Indices of Deprivation 2003 [Statistics]

This publication provides the results of work on an area based Scottish Index of Deprivation. The publication outputs are a report, maps of the results and the ward and local authority level data

Scottish Indices of Deprivation 2003: Summary Report [People and Society]

A report of the Scottish Indices of Deprivation 2003 project. Full report, maps and data available on the web.

SPP3: Overview of Responses to Consultation [Planning]

Summarises the responses to the draft revised National Planning Policy Guideline 3 Planning for Housing.

VITAL VOICES: Helping Vulnerable Witnesses Give Evidence [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Policy Statement

Wednesday 26/02/2003

Good Practice Guidance for working with Children and Families affected by Substance Misuse [People and Society]

Getting Our Priorities Right is guidance for everyone who has an interest in the well-being of children and families.

Opportunities for Marine Energy in Scotland [Environment]

The Clyde Shipyards Task Force commissioned research in to Marine Energy as an opportunity for industry development and utilisation of Scottish labour skills.

Scottish Parliament Election 2003 Guidance on Scottish Parliamentary Questions [Government]

Provides guidance to officials on the handling of Scottish Parliamentary Questions (PQs) before the Scottish Parliament’s dissolution on 31 March 2003.

Scottish Parliament Election Guidance 2003 [Government]

Guidance on the role and conduct of officials of the Scottish Execuitve, its Agencies and its Non Departmental Bodies during the Scottish Election campaign.

Tuesday 25/02/2003

Asylum Seekers in Scotland

Research commissioned by The Scottish Executive to explore the effects of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 on Asylum Seekers and devolved services in Scotland

Rough Sleepers Initiative - Monitoring the Target of Ending the Need to Sleep Rough by 2003 - second report 2001-2002 [People and Society]

October 2002 RSI Figures

Monday 24/02/2003

Circular No JD 5/2003 - Civil Recovery Part 5 and Disclosure of Information Part 10 of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Circular about civil recovery and disclosure of information in the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002

Created in Scotland: An Update on Action by the Scottish Executive - February 2003 [Business and Industry]

An Update on Action by the Scottish Executive - February 2003

National Waste Plan 2003 [Environment]

National Waste Plan 2003

Nurturing Wealth Creation [Business and Industry]

A report by the Scottish Manufacturing Steering Group

Report to the Criminal Justice Forum on Short Term Prison Sentences [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Short Term Prison Sentence Report

Showing: 12801 to 12820 of 15289