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Monday 12/02/2018

Consultation on Fees for Seed Testing, Seed certification and Associated Seed Functions [Environment]

Scottish Government have reviewed the fees for seed testing, seed certification and associated seed functions. The findings have been documented in this consultation paper, and the changes to fees inserted into the relevant schedules and BRIA, also included.

Parole Reform in Scotland - Analysis of Responses - Consultation on proposals for legislative change [Law, Order and Public Safety]

This report follows the public consultation on Parole Reform. The proposals in the consultation support the "Vision for Justice in Scotland" which is safe, just and resilient. The responses to the consultation were collated and analysed and form the basis for this report. The findings will contribute to the proposed revisions to primary legislation which is the Prisoners and Criminal Proceedings(Scotland) Act 1993 and to secondary legislation which is the Parole Board (Scotland)Rules 2001.

Friday 09/02/2018

A consultation on the proposed LBTT First Time Buyers Relief [General]

A consultation on the details of the first-time buyer relief from Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT) as announced in the draft Scottish Budget 2018/19 has been launched.

Evaluation of Police and Fire Reform: Year 3 Thematic Case Study - Partnership, Innovation and Prevention [Research]

This report presents the findings from a thematic case study undertaken during Year 3 of the evaluation focusing on issues of partnership working, innovation and prevention.

Thursday 08/02/2018

Scottish Ministerial Code: 2018 edition [First Minister]

A code of conduct and guidance on procedures for members of the Scottish Government (the First Minister, Cabinet Secretaries and Law Officers) ) and junior Scottish Ministers

The 2017-18 Spring Budget Revision supporting document [Economy]

Revisions to the Level 2 and 3 budgets detailed in the supporting document of the Budget Act 2017 as amended by the Autumn Budget Revision 2017-18

Wednesday 07/02/2018

Scotland’s Population Needs & Migration Policy [Government]

Discussion paper on evidence, policy and powers for the Scottish Parliament.

Mortuary Review Group [Health and Community Care]

As part of the response to the campaign by the Whyte family and Richard Lochhead MSP to review the standard of all mortuaries across Scotland, the Minister for Public Health and Sport recognised that the provision of mortuary services would benefit from a wider review to clarify responsibilities and confirm that an appropriate standard of service is being provided.

Tuesday 06/02/2018

Criminal Justice Social Work Statistics in Scotland: 2016-17 [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Report on criminal justice social work services and social work orders.

Monday 05/02/2018

Review of Independent Information and Support Services - Research Findings [Research]

Findings from a commissioned review of independent information and support services in relation to Self-directed Support for social care, in 2017

Friday 02/02/2018

CAP Greening Group: Discussion Paper [Agriculture]

A paper produced by the CAP Greening Group, chaired by Professor Russel Griggs. The paper develops high level principles that could produce a way forward for greening beyond the context of the current CAP.

The Impact of Children and Young People’s Participation on Policy Making [People and Society]

A report commissioned by the Scottish Government to explore the nature and type of impact children and young people’s participation has had on national and local policy making in Scotland.

Thursday 01/02/2018

Code of Practice on the Exercise by Constables in Scotland of Search Powers Conferred by Sections 289 and 303C of the Proceeds of Crime Act [Law, Order and Public Safety]

A Code of Practice for constables in Scotland on the exercise of powers to search for cash and listed assets under sections 289 and 303C of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.

Scottish Welfare Fund - Statutory Guidance [Government]

The aim of the Scottish Welfare Fund Guidance (last updated in February 2018) is to provide a framework for decision makers, in order to promote consistency in decision making. The Scottish Welfare Fund is a discretionary grant scheme, therefore this guidance does not cover all eventualities. It is intended to support decision makers to meet the underlying objectives of the Fund.

Wednesday 31/01/2018

Universal Credit: New choices for People living in Scotland [People and Society]

Q&A leaflet for people claiming Universal Credit in Scotland

Further Information about the Universal Credit Scottish choices for people living in Scotland [People and Society]

Updated information leaflet for stakeholders on the Universal Credit Scottish Choices

Adults with Incapacity ( Scotland ) Act 2000 Proposals for Reform [Health and Community Care]

A consultation seeking views on proposals to reform the law that makes provision for the personal welfare, property and financial affairs of adults who are unable to make decisions on these matters for themselves by reason of incapacity.

Total Income from Farming Estimates for Scotland 2015 to 2017 [Agriculture]

The official measure of the net income gained by the agriculture industry in Scotland.

Letting Agent Code of Practice [Housing]

This Letting Agent Code of Practice (the “Code”) sets out the standards expected of letting agents operating in Scotland in how they manage their business and provide their services.

Tuesday 30/01/2018

Planning performance statistics: second quarter, 2017-2018 [Statistics]

The latest statistics on planning application decision-making and timescales for quarter 2 of 2017/18 and data going back to quarter one of 2013-2014.

Showing: 81 to 100 of 16962