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Monday 27/02/2017

Chief Medical Officer for Scotland Annual Report 2015/16 Realising Realistic Medicine: Appendix: Realistic Medicine Around Scotland [Health and Community Care]

Case studies of realising Realistic Medicine across Scotland

Friday 24/02/2017

Evidence Assessment of the Impacts of the Criminalisation of the Purchase of Sex: A Review [Research]

Rapid Assessment of existing evidence on the impact of the criminalisation of the purchase of sex.

Exploring Available Knowledge and Evidence on Prostitution in Scotland via Practitioner-Based Interviews [Research]

Exploration of available knowledge and evidence on the scale and nature of prostitution in Scotland based on practitioner-based interviews.

Thursday 23/02/2017

Contract (Third Party Rights) (Scotland) Bill Equality Impact Assessment - Results [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Equality impact assessment results of the equality issues and potential effects on users following the implementation of the Bill.

Race Equality Framework Implementation Approach [People and Society]

On 21 March 2016, the Scottish Government published the Race Equality Framework, setting out the Government’s approach to promoting race equality and tackling racism and inequality between 2016 and 2030.

Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 - Participation Requests - Consultation on Draft Regulations - Analysis of Consultation [People and Society]

This report provides an analysis of responses to the Scottish Government consultation on draft regulations and guidance associated with participation requests under the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015. The consultation took place between 21 March 2016 and 22 June 2016.

Wednesday 22/02/2017

Analysis of Written Responses to the Consultation on Social Security in Scotland [Research]

Analysis of the written responses to the consultation on Social Security in Scotland.

Analysis of Written Responses to the Consultation on Social Security in Scotland - Research Findings [Research]

Summary of the analysis of written responses to the consultation on Social Security in Scotland

Demand Optimisation in Diagnostics [Health and Community Care]

The aim of the report is to highlight current good practice and Demand Optimisation activity in NHS Boards, along with the production of guidance documents on strategy and support for implementation.

Scottish Winter Oilseed Rape Cultivation 2015/16:Impact of the second year of Neonicotinoid Seed Treatment Restrictions [Agriculture]

This publication is the second of two consecutive surveys, conducted to inform the Scottish Government, about the impact of the current EU neonicotinoid seed treatment restrictions on Scottish winter oilseed rape cultivation.

Tuesday 21/02/2017

Criminal Justice Social Work Statistics in Scotland: 2015-16 [Law, Order and Public Safety]

National level information on criminal justice social work activity in Scotland, including data on criminal justice social work services and social work orders.

Improvement Focused Governance - What Non-Executive Directors Need to Know [Health and Community Care]

Resource booklet for NHSScotland Board Members, with an interest in improvement governance.

Improving educational outcomes for children and young people from travelling cultures- consultation paper [Education and Training]

Draft Guidance for consultation for schools, local authorities and other stakeholders on supporting children and young people from travelling communities to engage in school education.

Monday 20/02/2017

Guidance on the appraisal of Non Departmental Public Body (NDPB) Board members and Chairs [Public Sector]

Guidance which outlines the purpose and process for the appraisal of Board members and Chairs of Non Departmental Public Bodies (NDPBs)

Wednesday 15/02/2017

Equality Impact Assessment Results for the Judiciary and Courts (Scotland) Act 2008 (Scottish Land Court) Order 2017 [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Equality Impact carried out re transfer of the responsibility of the Scottish Land Court from the Scottish Government to the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service (SCTS).

Tuesday 14/02/2017

Children's Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment for the Child Poverty (Scotland) Bill [People and Society]

Scottish Government's assessment of the impacts on children's rights and wellbeing of the Child Poverty (Scotland) Bill

Equality Impact Assessment for the Child Poverty (Scotland) Bill [People and Society]

Results of the Scottish Government's Equality Impact Assessment on the policy development of the Child Poverty (Scotland) Bill

Social Tenants in Scotland, 2015 [Statistics]

This is a new statistical publication that presents an overview of social tenants and social rented housing in Scotland for the year 2015, covering topic areas such as stock, household characteristics, housing flows, and rents and income levels. It includes trend data for earlier years and comparisons with other housing tenures and with other parts of the UK.

Wealth and Assets in Scotland, 2006-2014 [People and Society]

This report presents analysis of the ownership of wealth by private households in Scotland from the Wealth and Assets Survey 2006 – 2014, with a focus on wave 4 of the survey covering the period July 2012 – June 2014. This report updates the Wealth and Assets in Scotland 2006-2012, which was published in March 2015.

Monday 13/02/2017

The Future of Forestry in Scotland: Analysis of responses to the public consultation exercise [General]

Analysis of responses to the public consultation on the Future of Forestry in Scotland. Report by Craigforth.

Showing: 61 to 80 of 16267