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Wednesday 08/03/2017

Fuel Poverty: Scottish Government response to working group reports [Housing]

The Scottish Government's response to reports by the Scottish Fuel Poverty Strategic Working Group and the Scottish Rural Fuel Poverty Task Force.

Tuesday 07/03/2017

Drivers and Barriers to uptake of Early Learning and Childcare amongst 2 year olds [Research]

Drivers and barriers to uptake of Early Learning and Childcare amongst 2 year olds

Initial Destinations of Senior Phase School Leavers [Statistics]

This presents data on initial destinations of school leavers from local authority and grant aided schools in Scotland. Data is only presented on pupils leaving in the senior phase (S4-S6) and does not include pupils attending special schools.

Monday 06/03/2017

The Veterans Community - Employability, Skills and Learning - Scottish Government Response [People and Society]

the Scottish Government's response to the recommendations made in the Scottish Veterans Commissioner's Report - the Veterans Community - Employability, Skills and Learning

Scottish Marine Protected Areas Socioeconomic Monitoring [Marine and Fisheries]

This report provides an assessment of emerging evidence on the socio-economic impacts of Scotland’s Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). The reports objectives are to develop a methodology for monitoring the socioeconomic impacts of MPA management measures and to gather and analyse evidence on the ex post socioeconomic impacts of MPA management measures. This report presents evidence from key informant interviews, analysis of fishing activity data and three case studies.

Equalities Impact Assessment Results for Transposition of EIA Directive 2014/52/EU joint project [Environment]

This EQIA Equalities Impact Assessment report, provides a summary of the potential impact resulting from the mandatory changes of Directive 2014/52/EU for 8 Environmental Impact Assessment regimes.

The Gender Pay Gap in Scotland - Update and Analysis of Time Series Data [Economy]

A short bulletin which explores some of the key trends on the gender pay gap in recent years. It also updates some of the analysis in the "New Perspectives on the Gender Pay Gap" report, published by the Scottish Government in June 2017.

Enhanced Enforcement Areas Scheme (Scotland) Regulations 2015 Local Authority Guidance [Housing]

Housing (Scotland) Act 2014 (SSI 2015/252) Enhanced Enforcement Areas Schemes Regulations 2015, guidance for Local Authorities. This guidance document supplements SSI 2015/252. It sets out points for a local authority to consider when making an application to Scottish Ministers for these additional discretionary powers.

Friday 03/03/2017

On Board: A Guide for Members of Management Advisory Boards [Public Sector]

This guidance is for all those appointed by the Chief Executive to be a member of Management Advisory Boards

On Board- A Guide for Members of Statutory Boards [Public Sector]

This guidance is for all those appointed under statute to be members of the Boards of public bodies in Scotland, primarily Non Departmental Public Bodies and Public Corporations which are sponsored by the Scottish Government and whose Boards are accountable to Ministers for the discharge of their statutory functions and most Non-Ministerial Offices ( whose Boards are directly accountable to the Scottish Parliament, rather than Ministers, for their statutory functions).

National Committee on Infant Cremation - Code of Practice 2nd Edition [General]

This document sets out the key principles and minimum standards for all organisations conducting infant cremations, as agreed by the National Committee on Infant Cremation. This document was reviewed by the National Committee and this is a second edition.

Thursday 02/03/2017

Child Protection Improvement Programme Report [Education and Training]

The Child Protection Improvement Programme was established in February 2016. There are nine interconnected work strands which are helping to deliver our child protection system vision (the Child Protection Systems Review; Neglect; Child Sexual Exploitation; Child Trafficking; Child Internet Safety; Children’s Hearings; Inspections; Leadership; and, Data and Evidence.

Protecting Scotland's Children and Young People: It is Still Everyone's Job [Education and Training]

An Examination of the role and functions of Child Protection Committees, Child Protection Registers, Child Protection Case Conferences, and Significant and Initial Case Reviews as part of the Scottish Government's Child Protection Improvement Programme

Electronic monitoring in Scotland - A Consultation on Proposals for Legislation [Law, Order and Public Safety]

We are seeking views on our proposals for legislation to extend the use of electronic monitoring in Scotland in support of broader community justice policy. These views will help shape how this will be taken work forward.

Wednesday 01/03/2017

British Sign Language (BSL) National Plan Consultation [People and Society]

This is a consultation on the draft National Plan on BSL.

Consultation on the Draft British Sign Language (BSL) National Plan 2017-2023 EasyRead Version [People and Society]

This is a consultation on the first ever British Sign Language (BSL) National Plan in Scotland.

Tuesday 28/02/2017

Thematic Report on the Management of Time Limits - Follow-Up [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Inspectorate of Prosecution in Scotland's follow-up report to their Thematic Report on the Management of Time Limits published in February 2015.

Scottish Local Government Finance Statistics 2015-16 [Statistics]

Scottish Local Government Financial Statistics is an annual publication that provides a comprehensive overview of Scottish Local Authority financial activity. The publication covers Local Authority income, revenue and capital expenditure, outstanding debt, local taxation and Local Authority pensions.

The Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme Review Terms of Reference [People and Society]

The PVG Review Terms of Reference set out both the plan for and scope of the review process.

Monday 27/02/2017

Chief Medical Officer for Scotland Annual Report 2015/16 Realising Realistic Medicine [Health and Community Care]

The Chief Medical Officer for Scotland's Annual Report 2015/16: Realising Realistic Medicine

Showing: 41 to 60 of 16267