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Wednesday 04/03/2015

Carers Legislation - Analysis of Consultation Responses [Research]

Report of the independent analysis of the responses to the Carers Legislation public consultation

Scottish Government Response to 'Carers Legislation - Consultation on Proposals - January 2014' [Research]

On 22 January 2014 the Scottish Government launched 'Carers Legislation - Consultation on Proposals'. The consultation ran for 12 weeks and closed on 16 April 2014.

Tuesday 03/03/2015

Scotland's Economic Strategy [Economy]

Scotland’s Economic Strategy sets out an overarching framework for a more competitive and a fairer Scotland and identifies four broad priority areas where our actions will be targeted to make a difference.

Scotland's Economic Strategy Summary [Economy]

Scotland’s Economic Strategy Summary provides an overview of the key points presented in Scotland’s Economic Strategy.

Emergency Department Weekly Activity and Waiting Times in Scotland: Week ending 22/02/2015 [Health and Community Care]

This report contains weekly activity and waiting times statistics for the 32 Emergency Departments in Scotland which provide a 24 hour emergency medicine consultant led service.

Housing Statistics for Scotland, Quarterly Update - March 2015 [Housing]

Quarterly updates to new build, Affordable Housing Supply Programme and sales of socialsector housing along with annual information on empty properties and second homes.

Monday 02/03/2015

Code of Practice on Sampling and Reporting at Materials Recovery Facilities [Environment]

This Code of Practice sets out a number of requirements with regard to the sampling and reporting of materials received by Materials Recovery Facilities. A Material Recovery Facility is A facility where dry recyclable waste is treated in order to separate that waste into a dry waste stream or streams.


Responses to the Consultation on the HE Governance Bill

Early and Effective Intervention - Framework of Core Elements [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Framework setting out the minimum expectations for the effective delivery of Early and Effective Intervention (EEI)

Friday 27/02/2015

Delivering Scotland's River Basin Management Plans: Improving the physical condition of Scotland's water environment [Environment]

This document proposes several key steps to strengthen the delivery framework

Thursday 26/02/2015

New Psychoactive Substances Expert Review Group [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Review of the current Legal Framework available to Govern the Sale and Supply of New Psychoactive Substances

Wednesday 25/02/2015

Open Data Strategy [Government]

The Open Data Strategy sets out our ambition for making data open and available for others to use and reuse. In doing so we will provide a societal asset which offers significant benefits to many. The strategy sets out a number of national actions which will help to support public sector organisations as they implement their own Open Data publication plans.

Strategic Action Plan for effective and responsible collection, management and use of data across Scottish Public Services [Economy]

A first version of the Strategic Action Plan was published on the Scottish Government Data Management Board webpages in July. Version 2 reflects stakeholder views and comments received on the document, and the ongoing considerations of the Data Management Board. The Plan identifies specific objectives for translating the Data Vision and its principles into action by 2020. The intention is that the plan will be reviewed annually, as new data issues or requirements arise.

Tuesday 24/02/2015

Thematic Report on the Management of Time Limits [Law, Order and Public Safety]

The Inspectorate of Prosecution in Scotland's report on the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service's management of time limits.

Council Tax Reduction Caseload and expenditure, Scotland, October to December 2014 [Statistics]

Caseload and expenditure for the Council Tax Reduction scheme in Scotland.

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Fire Safety and Organisational Statistics, Scotland, 2013-14 [Statistics]

Statistical bulletin providing information on the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service. Topics covered include Home Fire Safety Visits, stations, equipment, workforce and attacks on personnel at incidents.

Scottish Local Government Financial Statistics 2013-14 [Statistics]

Scottish Local Government Financial Statistics is an annual publication that provides a comprehensive overview of Scottish Local Authority financial activity. The publication covers Local Authority income, revenue and capital expenditure, outstanding debt, local taxation and Local Authority pensions.

Monday 23/02/2015

Consultation on Proposals for Fees Charged by the Court of Session, Accountant of Court, Sheriff & Justice of the Peace Courts, High Court, Office of the Public Guardian, Personal Injury Court and the Sheriff Appeal Court [Law, Order and Public Safety]

This consultation invites views on proposals for fees charged by the Court of Session, Accountant of Court, Sheriff & Justice of the Peace Courts, High Court, Office of the Public Guardian, personal injury court and the Sheriff Appeal Court

Consultation Responses - Proposals to Exempt Certain Heritable Securities from the '20 Year Security Rule' [Housing]

Responses to the consultation on proposals to exempt certain heritable securities from the '20 Year Security Rule’.

Friday 20/02/2015

Consultation on new Management Measures on Crab and Lobster Landings into Orkney [Marine and Fisheries]

A consultation on management proposals for lobster, velvet crab and green crab landed into Orkney. The management measures were developed by Orkney Sustainable Fisheries Ltd, which is part of the Inshore Fisheries Group network.

Showing: 1 to 20 of 14805