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Brexit: What's at stake for businesses

Brexit: What's at stake for businesses

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

ISBN: 9781785512664

The document highlights what businesses are having to manage as a result of the UK decision to leave the EU. Businesses give examples of the issues that need to be resolved in the EU/UK negotiations.

Executive Summary

The aim of this document is to look at the key issues from the point of view of businesses. It focusses on real companies with real people and real examples.

These set out what companies are saying to us about what’s at stake, in their own words. We have also collected comments of some relevant trade associations.

Those quoted aren’t necessarily saying they agree with any particular answers. But they are saying that the negotiations between the UK and EU matter hugely and that they need urgent clarity on:

People (Being able to attract and retain the right staff)

Profit (Being able to minimise extra cost burdens and to maximise income)

Practicalities (Being able to do business with certainty and minimum fuss)

Possibilities (Being able to avoid missing out as the single market grows).