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Self-directed Support, Scotland, 2015-16

Self-directed Support, Scotland, 2015-16

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

ISBN: 9781788510974

This publication reports on the second year of implementation of Self-directed Support (2015-16) in Scotland following the introduction of the Self-directed Support Act 2014.

Executive Summary

The Self-directed Support Act came into force in 2014 and placed a duty on local authorities to offer people eligible for social care a range of choices over how they receive their services and support. This allows people, their carers and their families to make informed choices on what their support looks like and how it is delivered.

In the second year of Self-directed Support (2015-16), improvements to data quality and implementation rates were observed.

Option 3 continued to be the most popular choice overall for clients, though age differences were observed with younger clients (<65) more likely to choose Option 1.

At least £383 million was budgeted for clients who made a choice regarding services and support.