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Scottish Shellfish Farm Production Survey 2016


Introduction to the Year 2016 Survey

This report is based on the returns of an annual survey questionnaire sent to all active authorised shellfish farming businesses in Scotland. The cooperation of the shellfish farming industry is gratefully acknowledged. The report authors also acknowledge Alan Christie, Sonia Duguid, Helen Macgregor, Sandy Murray, Keith Mutch, Sarah Payne, Ronald Smith, Amanda Walker and Andrea Warwick for their contributions to the production of this report.

Production survey questionnaires were sent to 138 businesses registered as active during 2016 (see Appendix 1). All return forms were received. During 2016, three businesses became authorised and six businesses rescinded their authorisation.

The survey showed that, of the 138 businesses authorised at the end of 2016, 76 recorded sales during that year. These 138 authorised businesses farmed 333 active sites, of which 180 (54%) placed shellfish on the market. Shellfish production by business and site is presented.

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