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Outline Business case for the agency for social security in Scotland

Outline Business case for the agency for social security in Scotland

Thursday, April 27, 2017

ISBN: 9781786529480

This Outline Business Case (OBC) for the agency for social security in Scotland is a repository of the analysis and evidence behind the Ministerial Statement made in the Scottish Parliament on 27 April 2017, that announced the preferred option for the form that the agency will take.

Executive Summary

This document follows on from the Stage 1 Options Appraisal that formed the basis of the decision to deliver social security in Scotland via an agency of some form. It has been written following the HMT 'five-cases' model of business case development and is published in order to set out the evidence behind the preferred option in a clear and transparent way.

Six initial options are examined that cover the spectrum of possibilities. They are constructed in such a way that 'hybrids' that combine different aspects of different options can be constructed easily.

Following assessment across socio-economic, financial, management, commercial and strategic cases, three hybrid options are examined for the structure of the agency with three variations of assessments.

The conclusion is that the preferred option is a central agency with enhanced phone and online support,which incorporates face-to-face pre-claims and support services locally in existing public sector locations and with assessments undertaken in a manner that is appropriate for policy choices that will be made as the final business case is progressed.