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Analysis of Written Responses to the Consultation on Social Security in Scotland

DescriptionAnalysis of the written responses to the consultation on Social Security in Scotland.
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateFebruary 22, 2017


ISBN 978 1 78652 791 2 (Web only publication)
ISSN 2045 6964
PPDAS 261964

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Executive Summary


Part 1: A Principled Approach

1. Fixing the principles in legislation
Proposals for fixing the principles in legislation

2. Outcomes and the user experience
Proposal for outcomes and the user experience

3. Delivering social security in Scotland
Proposals for delivering social security in Scotland

4. Equality and low income
Proposals for equality and low income

5. Independent advice and scrutiny
Proposals for independent advice and scrutiny

Part 2: The Devolved Benefits - Disability Benefits

6. Disability Benefits
Options for devolved disability benefits - DLA, PIP and AA
Proposals for eligibility
Whole of life approach
Proposals for assessments
Proposals for awards
Alternatives to cash
Mobility component
Additional support
Alignment with other devolved services
Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit (IIDB)
Severe Disablement Allowance

Part 2: The Devolved Benefits - Other Devolved Benefits

7. Carer's Allowance
Proposals for a future Scottish Carer's Benefit
Proposals for the short to medium term
Proposals for the longer term

8. Winter Fuel and Cold Weather Payments
Proposals for winter fuel and cold weather payments

9. Funeral Payments
What should the benefit cover?
Application window and process
Improving take up

10. Best Start
Proposals for identifying eligible families
Proposals for identifying who is responsible for a child
Proposals on the maternity payment
Proposals on the nursery payment
Proposals on the school payment
Proposals for the application process
Proposals for alternative support
Proposals for improving take up

11. Discretionary Housing Payments
Proposals for Discretionary Housing Payments

12. Job Grant
Proposals for Job Grant

13. Universal Credit Flexibilities and Housing Element
Proposals for Universal Credit flexibilities
Universal Credit housing element

Part 3: Operational Policy

14. Advice, representation and advocacy
Impact of the devolved benefits

15. Complaints, reviews and appeals
Current arrangements
Internal reviews

16. Residency and cross-border issues
Proposals for residency and 'habitual residence'
Cross-border issues

17. Managing overpayments and debts
Current arrangements
Financial advice

18. Fraud
Scottish Government counter-fraud strategy

19. Protecting your information
Identifying Management and Privacy Principles
Better information sharing
Digital First

20. Uprating
Proposals for uprating

Appendix 1: List of suggestions for an alternative name for 'Claimant Charter'

Appendix 2: List of suggestions for an alternative name for 'User Panels'

Appendix 3: List of suggestions on which services should promote awareness of the Funeral Payment