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Realistic Medicine - Feedback Report

Realistic Medicine - Feedback Report

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

ISBN: 9781786526281

Feedback from the Chief Medical Officer for Scotland's Annual Report 2014/15

Executive Summary

The Chief Medical Officer for Scotland’s Annual Report 2014/15 – Realistic Medicine was launched on 20th January 2016. One of the aims of the report was to discuss the challenges facing the profession and to begin a conversation with clinicians about how to change practice

Feedback was received by letters, emails, an online survey, through social media and from a series of engagement events across the country. A thematic analysis of this feedback has been carried out and the results are reported here. On social media the recognised healthcare hash tag #realisticmedicine reached 6.7 million twitter feeds and over 3491 tweets from 1235 participants from January to October 2016. This readed 11 countries (UK, Australia and New Zealand, Canada, Finland, Italy Japan, Norway (including Svalbard in Artic Circle) and Sweden, South Africa and the USA). A full feedback report across all the different channels is available at ANNEX A. Engagement and implementation activities are summarized in ANNEX B and C respectively.