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Carbon Assessment of the 2017-18 Draft Budget

Carbon Assessment of the 2017-18 Draft Budget

Thursday, December 15, 2016

ISBN: 9781786526366

Estimate of the consumption-based carbon emissions associated with planned budget expenditure

Executive Summary

It is estimated that total emissions attributed to the Draft 2017-18 Budget amount to 8.8 million tonnes (Mt) CO2-equivalent. This is unchanged from the emissions associated with last year's draft budget, when estimated on a consistent basis.

This assessment indicates that carbon emissions across the different Government portfolios remain broadly proportional to spend, except for Rural Economy and Connectivity, where emissions per unit of spend are slightly higher.

‘Second-round’ emissions that may result from Government spending, whether beneficial in terms of reducing emissions (e.g. spending on energy efficiency or afforestation) or negative in terms of increasing emissions (e.g. road use) are not captured.

Alongside this analysis of the carbon impact of the Draft Budget, the Scottish Government will continue to use additional assessment methods to improve understanding of the emission impacts of both Government expenditure and policies. The Government’s Climate Change Plan (setting out measures out to 2032 for achieving our climate change targets) will be published in January 2017.