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Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 - Participation Requests: Consultation on Draft Regulations


Annex B




1 Details of Community Body

Name of Community Body:

Contact address:

Telephone number:



2 Public service

Note 1

3 Outcome

Note 2

3 Why community participation body should be permitted to participate

Note 3

4 Knowledge, expertise and experience the community participation body has in relation to the specified outcome:

Note 4

5 Outcome improvement

Note 5

Application Form Notes

1. here specify the public service or services the provision of which results in or contributes to outcome specified under paragraph 3

2. here specify the outcome that results from, or is contributed to by virtue of, the provision of a service provided to the public by or on behalf of the authority.

3. Here set of the reasons why the community body believes it should participate in the outcome improvement process.

4. Provide details of any knowledge, expertise and experience the community body has in relation to the outcome specified in paragraph 3.

5. Provide an explanation of the improvement in the outcome specified in paragraph 3 which the community body anticipates may arise as a result of its participation in an outcome improvement process.