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Annual Estimates of Scottish Farm Business Income (FBI) 2015

Annual Estimates of Scottish Farm Business Income (FBI) 2015

Friday, March 27, 2015

ISBN: 9781785442520

This publication contains farm business level estimates of average incomes for the accounting year 2013-14, relating to the 2013 crop year.

Executive Summary

2013-14 was a mixed year for farming with poor weather conditions early in the year which became more favourable during the latter part of the year. This resulted in some spring crops being planted in favour of winter crops and livestock benefiting with better pastures than in 2012-13.

In 2013-14 the average Farm Business Income (FBI) was £31,000, the lowest level in the last five years. This has remained largely unchanged from the previous year; down one per cent (£600).

While output values have improved over the longer term these have been outweighed by a rise in input costs, largely due to livestock costs such as feed, combined with a decline in value of grants and subsidies.