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Sustainability and Seven Day Services Taskforce Interim Report


Major Trauma

Around 1000 people per year in Scotland sustain major trauma such as severe burns or major head injuries. We know that a key factor in their outcome is the time it takes from sustaining the injury to receiving definitive care by a specialist multi-disciplinary team.

Following a review by the National Planning Forum, the Scottish Government announced plans for an enhanced network of care for major trauma patients in Scotland which could save up to 40 lives a year[2]. The plans include the setting up of four new specialist major trauma centres in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow. From 2016, these centres will operate as hubs within a national major trauma network designed to improve trauma care across all hospitals that deal with such cases, with all the surgical specialities and support services to provide consultant led care, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Patients will be taken directly to one of these centres to be assessed and treated. If the patient cannot be taken to one of these centres within 45 minutes, they will be taken to a local hospital, with advice and support provided by the Major Trauma Centre as required. Implementation of the Major Trauma network is underway and is being led by the National Planning Forum's Major Trauma Oversight Group. Good progress has been made in a range of areas, with regional major trauma working groups now well established.

We note this work which will make a valuable contribution to the provision of a sustainable seven day service and will wish to remain closely linked to its implementation.