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Determining Primary School Capacity - Guidance

Determining Primary School Capacity - Guidance

Friday, October 24, 2014

ISBN: 9781784128623

Scottish Government guidance for determining the capacity of Primary Schools in Scotland.

Executive Summary

This document provides guidance to Local Authorities on the determination of the capacity of Primary Schools in Scotland, with the aim to provide a more consistent approach to calculating the capacity of schools across the country.

This guidance sets out the Scottish Government’s recommended method of calculating primary school capacity which Local Authorities should endeavour to follow as far as possible in order to increase consistency across the country.

The proposed method is designed to be flexible to allow Local Authorities to apply it to suit their existing systems and needs. It remains a Local Authority responsibility to choose how they calculate capacity in their areas.

This guidance supersedes the Scottish Government Guidance on Determining School Capacities – Circular No 3/2004 issued in December 2004 for Primary Schools.