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Seal Haul-Out Sites Consultation Analysis

Seal Haul-Out Sites Consultation Analysis

Thursday, June 26, 2014

ISBN: 9781784123499

Summary report containing a detailed analysis of the views and comments received from various stakeholders on the list of proposed haul-out sites.

Executive Summary

The purpose of the consultation process was to obtain stakeholders views and their comments on the list of potential haul-out sites at national, regional and local levels.

Marine Scotland aims to nominate and protect those sites which offer an optimum balance between maximising protection for the largest number of seals while minimising possible impacts on other sustainable activities around the coast.

The majority of replies were supportive of the overall proposals at national/regional/local level.

A clear definition of harassment was sought by the majority of respondents. In response to the consultation responses, Marine Scotland has produced guidance which offers a definition of harassment and some examples of actions that might constitute harassment.