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Economic Impacts of Mobile Communications in Scotland

Economic Impacts of Mobile Communications in Scotland

Friday, March 7, 2014

ISBN: 9781784122850

This report assesses economic impacts of mobile communications in Scotland from 2013-2023: identifying barriers to improved mobile coverage and the economic impacts of removing these barriers.

Executive Summary

This report was comissioned as part of the Scottish Government's policy development associated with World Class digital connectivity by 2020.

The report identifies barriers to improved mobile coverage, including 4G, and the means through which these barriers might be addressed; and, assesses the economic impacts associated with introducing mobile coverage to non-commercial areas of Scotland.

The report confirms that certain interventions could have a material impact in accelerating coverage to parts of Scotland, and that this could have significant benefits, both in terms of net GVA impacts and in the delivery of public services. While there are some important constraints on which the Scottish Government currently has little direct influence, there are other areas in which public policy could potentially help to reduce the barriers to rollout.