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Equality Impact Assessment - Results - Housing (Scotland) Bill 2013

Equality Impact Assessment - Results - Housing (Scotland) Bill 2013

Friday, November 22, 2013

ISBN: 9781784120726

The EQIA Results summarise how the policies contained in the Housing (Scotland) Bill will impact on people because of their age, disability, sex , gender reassignment, sexual orientation, race and religion or belief.

Executive Summary

The main policy objectives of the Housing (Scotland) Bill are to safeguard the interests of consumers; to support improved quality; and to deliver better outcomes for communities. The core policies of the Bill are likely to affect people living in a variety of tenures.

Evidence was drawn from a range of studies, reports and consultations. There was limited evidence generally on Gender Reassignment; Sexual Orientation; and Religion or Belief.

The Bill's core provisions are expected to have a positive equality impact on all of the protected characteristics. Plans are being formulated to effectively monitor equality impacts.