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Electricity Generation Policy Statement – 2013

Electricity Generation Policy Statement – 2013

Friday, June 28, 2013

ISBN: 9781782567417

The Scottish Government published an initial draft Electricity Generation Policy Statement (EGPS) in November 2010, to support our Climate Change Report on Proposals and Policies (RPP). A further revision of the EGPS was published in draft in March 2012 for consultation. These documents set out a final version of the 2012 EGPS and the consultation response summary.

Executive Summary

This Electricity Generation Policy Statement 2013 (EGPS) examines the way in which Scotland generates electricity, and considers the changes which will be necessary to meet the targets which the Scottish Government has established, and reflects both views from industry and other stakeholders and also developments in UK and EU electricity policy.

It looks at the sources from which that electricity is produced, the amount of electricity which we use to meet our own needs and the technological and infrastructural advances and requirements which Scotland will require over the coming decade and beyond.

The Scottish Government’s policy on electricity generation is that Scotland’s generation mix should deliver:

• a secure source of electricity supply;

• at an affordable cost to consumers;

• which can be largely decarbonised by 2030;

• and which achieves the greatest possible economic benefit and competitive advantage for Scotland including opportunities for community ownership and community benefits.