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Tenanted Agricultural Land in Scotland 2012


2. Introduction

This publication brings together information on tenanted agricultural land in Scotland, from the annual census and from the Tenanted Land Survey (TLS). It provides information on the six different types of tenancies in place and the rates of rent being paid.

The annual agricultural census asks farmers to confirm or update the area they rent under their tenancy arrangements, and to give details of the type of tenancy and any seasonal/short term lets.

The TLS is a sample survey sent to around 850 holdings each year. The information is used to calculate the cost to farming of renting land, as part of calculating the total net income from farming (TIFF), with the estimate for total rent paid published each year in the Scottish Farm Income Estimates publication. This will be next published in January 2014.

Results of the TLS have not been published in detail since 2004, due to concerns about the reliability of the data. However following additional work to cleanse and validate the data, and given the continued use of the data in TIFF and the importance of this issue at current, we feel it would be beneficial to publish detailed results at this point.

Land tenure and conditions for renting have for long been an important issue in Scottish life and this publication seeks to present data for use in the on-going discussions about rental values.

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