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Responses to the recent consultation on “Recommendations for No-Fault Compensation in Scotland for Injuries Resulting from Clinical Treatment”

Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateFebruary 25, 2013


    Responses from Organisations

    NFCC-006 Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh

    NFCC-009 ScRCOG

    NFCC-010 Medical Defence Union

    NFCC-011 Lloyds Pharmacy

    NFCC-013 NHS Lanarkshire

    NFCC-014 Community Pharmacy Scotland

    NFCC-015 Medical Protection Society

    NFCC-019 Faculty of Advocates

    NFCC-022 Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance

    NFCC-024 Scottish Infected Blood Forum

    NFCC-026 National Pharmacy Association

    NFCC-029 British Dental Association

    NFCC-030 Scottish Public Services Ombudsman

    NFCC-031 Association of Personal Injury Lawyers

    NFCC-032 NHS Healthcare Improvement Scotland

    NFCC-033 NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

    NFCC-035 Scottish Dental Practice Board

    NFCC-036 NHS Ayrshire and Arran

    NFCC-037 NHS National Services Scotland

    NFCC-038 Royal College of Nursing Scotland

    NFCC-039 NHS Fife

    NFCC-040 Optometry Scotland

    NFCC-041 Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons Glasgow

    NFCC-042 BMA Scotland

    NFCC-044 Simpson and Marwick

    NFCC-045 Independent Midwives UK


    NFCC-047 Citizens Advice Scotland

    NFCC-048 Law Society of Scotland

    NFCC-049 Scottish Independent Healthcare Association

    NFCC-050 Forum of Insurance Lawyers

    Responses from Individuals

    NFCC-004 Donna Carpenter

    NFCC-007 Matthew Wilkes

    NFCC-012 Ronald Bassy

    NFCC-017 Nancy Greig

    NFCC-018 Jayne Maclennan

    NFCC-020 Dr Nicholas Walker

    NFCC-028 Navid Siddique (redacted)

    Responses from those who wish to remain anonymous

    NFCC-001 Respondent

    NFCC-002 Respondent

    NFCC-003 Respondent

    NFCC-005 Respondent

    NFCC-008 Respondent

    NFCC-016 Respondent