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Annual Listing of Publications

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Tuesday 27/11/2012

Criminal Proceedings in Scotland 2011-12 [Statistics]

This bulletin forms part of the Scottish Government series of statistical bulletins on the criminal justice system.

Home Care Services, Scotland, 2012 [Health and Community Care]

Presents information on home care services provided or purchased by Local Authorities in Scotland.

OBESITY INDICATORS 2012 Monitoring Progress for the Prevention of Obesity Route Map [Health and Community Care]

This publication reports the latest results for the indicators selected to monitor progress of the Scottish Government’s Prevention of Obesity Route Map

Pilot Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters Marine Spatial Plan. The Plan Scheme 2012. [Marine and Fisheries]

The Plan Scheme sets out step by step how the pilot plan will be prepared and outlines the opportunities for stakeholders to get involved. The Plan Scheme is updated and publicised at key stages in the process to inform stakeholders and the general public on progress made with the development of the pilot Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters Marine Spatial Plan.

Monday 26/11/2012

Fire and Rescue Framework for Scotland 2013 [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Consultation on the Fire and Rescue Framework for Scotland 2013 document prior to it being laid in Parliament.

Saturday 24/11/2012

NHSScotland Chief Executive's Annual Report 2011/12 [Health and Community Care]

The NHSScotland Chief Executive's Annual Report 2011/12 presents an assessment of the performance of NHSScotland in 2011/12 and describes key achievements and outcomes.

Friday 23/11/2012

Opportunities for All Supporting all young people to participate in post-16 learning, training or work [Education and Training]

This publication describes the aim, principles and delivery mechanisms of the Scottish Government's commitment to an offer of a place in learning or training for all 16-19 year olds who are not already engaged. It has been drafted in collaboration with key delivery partners, Skills Development Scotland, DWP Jobcentre Plus, the Scottish Funding Council and local authorities.

Post-16 transitions Data Practice Framework: Supporting all young people to participate in post-16 learning, training and work [Education and Training]

The Data Practice Framework sets out the aspirations and principles of data sharing to support post-16 transitions. The Framework also sets out the roles and responsibilities Scottish Government partners will be required to fulfil in order to meet those principles.

Post-16 transitions Policy and Practice Framework Supporting all young people to participate in post-16 learning, training or work [Education and Training]

This publication is a refresh of the 16+ Learning Choices Policy and Practice Framework published in 2010. It positions 16+ Learning Choices within the context of the delivery of both Curriculum for Excellence and Opportunities for All. 

Forensic Paediatrics A Report by the Short Life Working Group [Health and Community Care]

Report outlining findings and recommendations from expert group

Religiously Aggravated Offending in Scotland 2011-12 [Research]

A breakdown of religious aggravations charges (section 74 of the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2010) in Scotland in 2011-12.

Food and Drink in Scotland: Key Facts 2012, Web Only Update [Business and Industry]

This update to the fourth edition of Food and Drink in Scotland: Key Facts, is a web only version and contains updates to the charts listed in the original under Future Updates to Data. All charts not listed under this heading are unchanged.


The research provides an overview of the costs and benefits – economic, social and environmental - for the public sector, the food sector and communities of a collaborative approach to food procurement.


The research aim of the project is to provide an understanding of the public sector food procurement market in Scotland, specifically to estimate the size of the market for public sector food and drink procurement in Scotland and the products purchased.

Tuesday 20/11/2012

Scottish Government Performance Management Consultation Responses [Law, Order and Public Safety]

This contains the Scottish Government's response to the consultation on Performance Management in Community Justice which was open from March to June 2012.

A Framework for the Delivery of Palliative Care for Children and Young People in Scotland [Health and Community Care]

The Framework sets out a safe, effective and person centred approach to palliative care for children and young people. It is supported by guidance for services and provides a self assessment tool.

National Risk Framework to Support the Assessment of Children and Young People [People and Society]

The document is a national risk assessment 'toolkit' for child protection to support practioners in identifying and acting on child protection risks in children and young people.

Scottish Policing Performance Framework [Law, Order and Public Safety]

This publication presents information collected by the police on 37 different performance indicators together with statistical commentary.

Monday 19/11/2012

Mental Health Strategy for Scotland: 2012-2015 (published with corrections, November 2012) [Health and Community Care]

The Scottish Government’s mental health strategy to 2015 sets out a range of key commitments across the full spectrum of mental health improvement, services and recovery to ensure delivery of effective, quality care and treatment for people with a mental illness, their carers and families.

Friday 16/11/2012

Analysis of Responses to the Future of Right to Buy in Scotland Consultation [Research]

The research report presents the findings from an analysis of responses to the future of Right to Buy in Scotland consultation. The findings show who has responded to the consutlation and the key themes emerging from the responses.

Showing: 81 to 100 of 684