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A National Telehealth and Telecare Delivery Plan for Scotland to 2016: Driving Improvement, Integration and Innovation

A National Telehealth and Telecare Delivery Plan for Scotland to 2016: Driving Improvement, Integration and Innovation

Friday, December 21, 2012

ISBN: 9781782563174

A joint National Delivery Plan from the Scottish Government, CoSLA and NHS Scotland, it sets out the vision and direction for a Scotland in which the use of technology, which plays an increasing role in our everyday lives, will be integrated into service development and delivery, transforming access to and availability of services in our homes and communities and more acute settings. This Delivery Plan sets out 6 workstreams, each with specific actions to be delivered by 2015.

Executive Summary

Scotland has made good progress in the deployment of telehealth and telecare, and it is essential that we build upon this progress. The National Delivery Plan commits to innovate and expand 'technology enabled' service redesign at scale, with emphasis on the importance of partnership working across health, social care, housing, third and independent sector organisations.

This national delivery plan focuses on the period up to 2016; however, it has been set within our longer-term ambitions to 2020. This aligns with timescales established within complementary programmes within Scotland and Europe.

Our Triple Win by 2020, from delivering the use of telehealth and telecare at scale in Scotland, will be:

• Enhanced wellbeing and quality of life.

• Improved sustainability of care.

• Increased economic growth in Scotland.

As a milestone towards 2020 our ambitions for March 2015 are that:

• Telehealth and telecare will enable choice and control in health, care and wellbeing services for an additional 300,000 people.

• People who use our health and care services, and the staff working within them, will proactively demand the use of Telehealth and Telecare as positive options.

• There is a flourishing Innovation Centre where an interacting community of academics, care professionals, service providers and industry innovate to meet future challenges and provide benefits for Scotland’s health, wellbeing and wealth.

• Scotland has an international reputation as a centre for the research, development, prototyping and delivering of innovative telehealth and telecare services and products at scale.

Delivery will be led by the Joint Improvement Team, supported by the Scottish Centre for Telehealth and Telecare. They will continue to engage with all key stakeholders and will provide improvement support and challenge in delivering the actions in the National Delivery Plan. This includes running the national Telehealthcare Learning Network.