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Results from the Scottish Survey of Agricultural Production Methods, 2010

DescriptionThe Survey of Agricultural Production Methods (SAPM) formed part of the 2010 EU Farm Structure Survey and recorded details of farming practices across Scotland. This was the first occasion that the SAPM had been carried out in Scotland and, consequently, time series data are not available. The data will be used to inform the development of EU and national policies on agriculture and the environment.
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateOctober 18, 2012


ISBN 978 1 78256 141 5
DPPAS 13449

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1. Introduction

2. Main Findings

3. Commentary
3.1 Tillage Methods
3.2 Soil Conservation
3.3 Manure and Slurry
3.4 Irrigation
3.5 Landscape Features
3.6 Grazing Livestock
3.7 Cattle Housing
3.8 Pig Housing
3.9 Poultry Housing

4. Tables
4.1 Area of arable land cultivated in the past twelve months using various tillage methods
4.2 Area of sown or cultivable land over winter 2009/10 by soil cover method
4.3 Distribution of holdings by percentage of arable land taken out of general crop rotation
4.4 Holdings applying manure by percentage of agricultural area
4.5 Holdings applying slurry by percentage of agricultural area
4.6 Holdings ploughing in manure within four hours by percentage of agricultural area
4.7 Holdings ploughing in or injecting slurry within four hours by percentage of agricultural area
4.8 Manure and slurry storage (including covered storage)
4.9 Number of holdings exporting manure by percentage of manure exported
4.10 Irrigated area by type of crop irrigated
4.11 Holdings by source of irrigation water
4.12 Method and volume of irrigation
4.13 Percentage of holdings establishing or maintaining landscape features
4.14 Grazing activity in the twelve months up to March 2010
4.15 Cattle housing places by housing type
4.16 Pig housing places by housing type
4.17 Poultry housing places by housing type

5. Notes
5.1 Background
5.2 Uses of the information
5.3 Methodology - data collection
5.4 Data quality
5.4 Other publications

6. Annex
6.1 Thresholds for the Farm Structure Survey and the Survey on Agricultural Production Methods

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