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Scotland's Digital Future - Infrastructure Action Plan

Scotland's Digital Future - Infrastructure Action Plan

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

ISBN: 9781780456447

This action plan outlines our commitment to a world-class, future proofed infrastructure that will deliver digital connectivity across the whole of Scotland by 2020. The purpose of this plan is to deliver a step change in people’s ability to access the internet, enabling people to connect from their homes, businesses and while on the move.

Executive Summary

The infrastructure action plan sets out our intent to deliver world-class digital access to all of Scotland by 2020 with an interim milestone of delivering next generation broadband (40-80Mbps) to 85-90% of premises by 2015, and putting in place measures to ensure an uplift in service can be delivered to the remaining 15%. Underpinning this infrastructure roll out, the plan also sets out two national programmes aimed at:

  • Raising participation rates to deliver better outcomes for Scotland
  • Supporting and promoting locally based projects and programmes and trialling new technologies