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Gender-Based Violence Employee PIN Policy

DescriptionThis NHSScotland PIN Policy aims to support a reduction in the risk to staff of gender-based violence and to ensure that appropriate action is taken where incidents of gender-based violence occur or where allegations are raised. PIN Policies are developed nationally in partnership between NHSScotland employers, trade unions/professional organisations and Scottish Government. They set a minimum standard which Boards' local employment policies must either meet or exceed.
Official Print Publication DateDecember 2011
Website Publication DateDecember 07, 2011


ISBN 978 1 78045 482 5
DPPAS 11754

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Ministerial Foreword


1 Introduction

2 Gender-Based Violence?
2.1 What is Gender-Based Violence?
2.2 Why is a policy needed?

3 Main Report
3.1 Organisational context
3.2 Principles & values
3.3 Legal framework/relevant legislation
3.4 Responding to Gender-Based Violence
3.5 Promotion of the policy & review

Appendix 1: An overview of Gender-Based Violence, prevalence and health impact
Appendix 2: Flowchart summary of manager's role
Appendix 3: Flowchart summary for responding to alleged perpetrators
Appendix 4: Flowchart on employee access to the policy
Appendix 5: Further information
Appendix 6: PIN Policy Review Group

1st Edition 2011

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