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The Scottish Health Survey: Topic Report: Older People's Health


Table 3.3 Mean and raised waist-hip-ratio a ( WHR), mean and raised waist circumference b ( WC), 2008, 2009 and 2010 combined, by age and sex

Aged 16 and over with both valid waist and hip measurements2008, 2009 and 2010 combined
WHR and WCAgeTotal 65+
Mean WHR0.910.960.980.960.960.97
SE of the mean0.0030.0060.0060.0060.0080.003
Mean WC95.2101.8103.2102.6101.4102.2
SE of the mean0.551.
% with WHR =0.95306366665964
% with WC >102 cm295052555252
Mean WHR0.830.870.870.860.880.87
SE of the mean0.0020.0070.0060.0080.0070.003
Mean WC87.593.991.492.588.891.7
SE of the mean0.461.341.161.501.080.65
% with WHR =0.85366462526962
% with WC >88 cm436358594556
All adults
Mean WHR0.870.910.920.900.910.91
SE of the mean0.0020.0050.0060.0060.0060.003
Mean WC91.397.696.896.593.796.2
SE of the mean0.380.890.891.090.960.48
Bases (weighted):
All adults2579194167131150642
Bases (unweighted):
All adults2402269228153169819

a A raised WHR is 0.95 or more in men and 0.85 or more in women.
b A raised WC is more than 102 cm for men and more than 88 cm for women.