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Summary Justice Reform Lay Justice Evaluation - Research Findings

DescriptionSummary of the evaluation of the implementation and impact of repforms to lay justice that formed one strand of summary justice reform.
ISBN978 1 780455020
Official Print Publication DateNovember 2011
Website Publication DateNovember 16, 2011


Shirley McCoard/John Wicks/Elaine Wilson Smith/Kate Skellington Orr/Jacqueline McKellar/Stephen Canning

ISBN 978 1 78045 502 0 (web only publication)
DPPAS 12216

This document is also available in pdf format (156KB)

This research finding is accompanied by a report


Crime and Justice Research Findings No. 34/2011: Summary Justice Reform Lay Justice Evaluation

The views expressed in this report are those of the researcher and do not necessarily represent those of the Department or Scottish Ministers.