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25% Reduction in Senior Management Posts Target – National Progress Towards 25% Reduction as at 31st March 2011



All NHS Boards have been asked to develop Local Delivery Plans ( LDPs) and workforce plans, as well as using workforce workload tools, in order to assess if service redesign or changes in skill mix are required to best meet the needs of their population.

Alongside this, a national target was introduced to reduce the number of senior managers by 25% between 31 st March 2010 and 1 st April 2015. The definition of senior manager for the purposes of this target is different from the Management (non Agenda for Change) figure routinely published by ISD Scotland. Please see the methodology for an explanation of the differences.

The following tables show the number of senior managers in post and the national reduction since March 2010. These statistics are based on management information provided by NHS Boards.